Not a Stand Up Guy!

So I’m half way through the course (almost), and I decided to stand up for awhile. Eeek! Where did the strings go? I can’t see them anymore! I gotta sit down.
How do I adjust to this horror? I bet you’re going to say, “practice more.” Any tips for this dilemna?


You just won a bet. :wink:

You’ll get used to it quickly, don’t worry.

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Lol yes that’s quite normal.
It was for me as well anyway - I thought I was doing great until I stood up, and everything just looked and felt alien.
As @peterhuppertz says though, the more you do it the more you will get used to it.

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I find having the strap the same height whether sitting or standing helps. Means you need it rather high though. Bass shouldn’t be supported by your legs, but can be touching them.

This is not a rule that you must follow. Just what I find helps me. It just means there is less variance when I do stand. Wearing a strap when you play sitting down also means you don’t have to support the neck with your hand, so it means you can move around the neck a bit quicker

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It feels weird at the beginning just like everything else about playing bass felt weird at the beginning too.

Josh got it right in this article (let’s strap it on section)

Follow those advices and just have patience my friend.

Persevere and you shall prevail!

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@shockadrew As everyone else has stated, this is normal. The good news is, as you become more proficient and more familiar with the layout of the bass, it will be less important to see the strings. You’ll automatically know where they are and which is which without even thinking about it.