Not very tect savy

Having hard time using any of this material. Too technical for meat age 79 but understand music, guitar, etc. Been playing piano since I was 7, then clarinet, guitars(acoustic, electric, now bass), banjo, electric key board to mention a few. LOVE the sound of the bass. Not familiar with Funk at all. Like smooth jazz, oldies, Enya songs, etc. Hope we use some other genres in this course


Welcome, @sandyb1234. Can you describe what you find too technical in B2B? Or maybe what you would prefer the course to include? Any feedback would be helpful.

Also, head on over to the Introduce Yourself thread and let the gang welcome you to the B2B family. You’ll be glad you did. :wink:


It’s not the course but the postings and reading and rating and introducing myself section, bookmarking, links,flag and all that kind of stuff. So if you don’t see much response from me that’s why. Doing ok with lesson material


Cool. Glad the lessons are good for you. That’s what counts the most. Have fun.


Hi @sandyb1234 ! Welcome to BassBuzz!

Your technical abilities are just fine. You’ve learned to play all those instruments and that’s a lot harder than using this forum. You’re using the course and you’ve already learned to create a new topic and respond to posts.

If you want to introduce yourself, just click on this link…
Introduce Yourself!

Flags are only if you find something objectionable that needs to be brought to Josh’s attention. Not something that happens very often here. This forum is probably the friendliest place on the Internet.

Bookmarks are there to be able to find a post you want to refer back to. I don’t know if anyone even uses them. For me, I’ve bookmarked a ton of stuff but I have never gone back to look at any of it.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. There is someone here that will have an answer.

Yes, Josh uses examples from country, rock, jazz, blues, pop, and funk. There isn’t any Enya though. The course is meant to cover a broad spectrum and doesn’t focus on a specific genre.


Welcome @sandyb1234 ! I can’t figure out more than how to post or reply, so i think you are doing just fine. And i wanted to say, it’s very nice you learned all that other music and saved the best (bass) for last!