Odd ? - external inline vol/tone pots for bass

Anyone ever seen an external inline (along the 1/4” instrument cable connection) vol/tone pot sorta gizmo. Something that hangs along the cable and can be adjusted without going to an amp or pedal.

Came up today in a convo.
Can’t believe it doesn’t exist.
Just sold my Traveler bass with a piezo only and the guy was asking since the bass has zero controls.

Googled but found nada.

I’ve not seen anything like that, but why not a preamp pedal? Seems to be the same thing but just a pedal, which I know you don’t want

The guy wants something close to the bass vs. being tethered to a pedal.
Something dangly that moves with him.

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@John_E , wouldn’t an inline volume control from some headphones work? Just get some 1/4" adapters for each end?

I don’t get the logic. The only way he won’t be tethered is if he goes wireless, in which case it doesn’t matter.

But this might work

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Something like this

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Well, since the vast majority of bases have tone/volume controls and most people playing with a guitar with no controls will be close to the amp/preamp, the market for this type of device is probably very very small. I personally wouldn’t want something like that hanging from my cable. Sadowski did make a belt clip preamp… you can put any pedal on your belt if your belt is big enough :slight_smile:

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Yes I get this, but thinking active preamp on a passive bass with no internal mods is kinda a cool idea vs. a pedal.
I like the belt clip idea, will give it a look.

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Yeah I really don’t see the market for this. It’s covered by either the ability to get an active bass or a preamp pedal.

I guess that’s why Sadowsky stopped making theirs

Maybe? Sadowsky’s always done their own thing when it comes to this too, IIRC - I think their preamps are pretty nonstandard too, would need to check.