Off topic..who is stoked to see Dune?

Got tix for tonight… first movie in thrstres in 2 years. My basses will miss me tonight


It’ll be a couple weekends (unfortunately) before I’m able to make a show… But I’ve waiting this long, haha. Absolutely love what the director did with Bladerunner 2049, so DUNE should be quite the trip!

And Part II was just given the green light!!!


Very much looking forward to this one, though we’re not ready for theaters yet. May be on the small screen at home, but the trailers look really promising!

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Has it really been greenlit yet? Until now, I only heard vague stuff like the CEO of Warner pretty much hinting at that they will do the second one.

I was in the cinema the second day it was released in Germany, in a very late, late screening in the OV, so there weren’t many people. It is an really awesome realisation of the first half of the first book.


This one looks like the best take yet. Though I still say Lynch’s movie was an awesome kind of “scenes from the book” thing, if not a good movie.

I liked Blade Runner: 2049 more than the original, I think Villeneuve did an awesome job with that one, so I am hopeful here.


Blasphemy @howard :sweat_smile: I mean, as much as I liked 2049, it had no scenes as good as Rutger Hauer’s monologue or music as good as Vangelis’ score.


Actually the score was really close! Pretty clearly used a CS-80 at least. That gets you Vangelis-adjacent.

And yeah, no “tears in the rain”. But instead we got “just like a real girl”, which ended up being a pretty solid kick in the feels.

Ana de Armas owned that movie, every scene she was in. The only weak point IMO was Jared Leto. Tyrell’s banal, corporate evil in the first one was a more effective villain.


@howard , I didn’t realise it was Jared Leto as the 2049 Schwartzcharacter. Given his take on the Joker (the first Suicide Squad, event though I actually liked that overall), I’m not surprised.

Eldon Tyrell is scary, because he’s so reminiscent of today’s mega conglomerate CEOs. As you said, banale and also low key, all for the goodness and improvement of mankind… and yet unquestionably evil. He’s a realistic character. Leto’s wasn’t at all.


So. Good. Mind blowing good. Going to see again good.


Have been looking forward to this since I found out about it. Finally read the book last year to prepare. Can’t wait to go. My college freshman daughter really wants to see it too - not because she’s a fan of Dune or sci-fi in general, but because it’s Zendaya and Timothee Chalamet. Hey, whatever gives me someone to go with is fine by me…


Frank Herbert’s book was a masterpiece. and I haven’t seen any of the Dune movies do it justice yet. Maybe I will try and catch this one and see if I’m pleasantly surprised.

I thought much better of Blade Runner as a movie, Phillip K. Dick’s story “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” was okay but not his best.

I think Blade Runner is much better than Blade Runner 2049 because it had more vision. When it came out, Sci Fi movies weren’t really dark and dystopic, you had the odd film like Zardoz, but the movie was so dimly lit, almost noire, you never saw that in Sci Fi up to that point. It was a huge leap in storytelling on the screen. 2049 was well done, but not groundbreaking to me.

Yup, I’m an author, bass is just a hobby.


It’s true that when you look at the zeitgeist, Blade Runner was amazing. However there were other dark, dystopic, outstanding SF movies before Blade Runner. Alien would be a prime example (and another masterpiece, though not quite the same level).

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Not forgetting John Carpenter’s 1974 classic ‘Dark Star’. Made for $60,000!
Full version here. The soundtrack song Benson Arizona occasionally pops up on my IPod.


Alien was a horror movie on a spaceship really. And a fantastic bit of storytelling. The sound was a little out of focus, forcing you to listen carefully subliminally and really accenting the story. A well done movie, but more horror than sci fi.


“Do you think we’ll ever find any intelligent life out there?”
“…who cares?”

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I loved the book and the Lynch adaptation but tbh I’m wary of remakes these days. Also the first trailer had a cover of “Eclipse” in the background which really spoiled the immersion for me.

I’m probably going to wait until it comes out on streaming…

What are your favorite Dick’s works? If I should choose 3 books it would be Ubik, Scanner Darkly and Time Out of Joint for me.

I liked A Scanner Darkly, also his essay The Android and the Human, which I think gave insight to his works,

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Ubik for me, though I think that as far as dystopian sci-fi goes, I prefer Lem. In particular, the Futurological Congress and Uranium Ears are my favorites.

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I always liked Harry Harrison, dystopian with a laugh. Stainless Steel Rat series was a favorite.

White Lotus by John Hersey is a gem.

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