Oh, my aching feet

My son and his GF both work at Disneyland.

Today, they invited me to go to the park with them.

Now, we used to be an Annual Pass holding family, but it got way too expensive and after more years than I care to count, we opted out in 2019 sometime. The Galaxy’s Edge opening was the last time we went. We (my GF and I) have been planning to go back, but the whole pandemic “thing” and the fear of large crowds it instilled in us have kept us away. And we had no plans to go any time soon, but my son and his GF really wanted to take me. Plus, as a Star Wars fan, it’s almost shameful I haven’t yet been on Rise of the Resistance.

So, I went.

It amazed me how something that was once so… trivial, like riding a tram, has become a stressful thing where every little throat-clearing or sniff made me want to put on a hazmat suit and run for my life. But I had a good time.

The one thing I learned? I have lost all of my tolerance for spending a day doing almost nothing but walking and standing. Oh, my feet. Is this what age feels like? This must be what age feels like.


Back in 91 I worked there on main street it was supposed to be for a summer it ended up being 3 years. After I left I was an annual pass holder for 12 years. I wish I’d kept it. Now we are back to being annual pass again and it’s a little over $2500 for the family, yikes with parking of course, lol.


It is… outrageous.


On the flip side, for Xmas my son got me a Kylo Ren lightsaber. I was finally able to get the blades for it. :slight_smile:


Did Universal Orland with my daughter this summer.
One day. Two parks. 24,000 steps.
I feel you @timsgeekery.

Thank goodness for On Cloud sneakers.


We built a 4 story apartment complex last year. There were elevators, but they weren’t commissioned until the end. 6 months with an average of 17,000 steps a day according to my phone. No Disneyland, but I saw a lot of Mickey Mouse work.


My normal commute is about 10,000. 15-20k, now that’s starting to become good exercise yeah :rofl:

haha, just a typical shift at work runnin around the warehouse all night :stuck_out_tongue: :smile:


ok thats pretty badass :rofl:

I’m on track for the typical 10k commute today. The funny thing is all I do at work is sit on my ass.

Haha, with all the lifting and handling at the same time, it’s pretty rough at times :joy:

Definitely no time for sitting down :rofl:
on the go constantly. Sorting parcels is the worst :smile: less walking, but it’s like a solid 6 hours of non stop HIIT/Cardio! :hot_face:



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Where were you when I was carrying kitchen cabinets up 4 flights of stairs? I’m too old for this shit :slight_smile:


probably in bed recovering from the previous shift, cos I’m not a lot younger :rofl:

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I haven’t heard of the On Cloud brand (will check it out), BUT - one of my sons and one of my sisters sing high praises for Hoka shoes. I got a pair of their Arahi 6 model (my sis and son both got their Bondi model in black/white):
Apparently the great draw for my son is the cushioning. They really do feel good. I am trying to wear them without my custom full-sole orthotics, trying the insole the shoe comes with, which has a pretty good arch support.

Now, previous to getting these, I was suffering with plantar fasciitis this past year. I was really hobbling, limping even just around the house, and walking for any distance was out of the question. After seeing a podiatrist, I ended up opting to get physical therapy, and it really helped (I had been skeptical that it would, but figured I’d give it a try). I can walk now in large box stores, etc. without pain. My physical therapist said these shoes had good cushioning, one of the things she strongly advised in a shoe.

While I was still having a lot of heel pain, my eldest son was on a Oofo shoe kick, and as a gift he bought me a pair of their clogs as “recovery” shoes:

(the blue ball is a lacrosse ball, used as part of physical therapy)
I had never had Crocs or any kind of clogs before, but these are also very comfortable, expecially if your foot hurts! Very cushioned, and seems to make you walk with less weight on your heel, which was good in my case. I really didn’t want the leopard skin pattern, but preferred a dark brown/black they had; of course my son waited long enough to order that the dark ones sold out (I had my choice of what was on sale on their website at the time). So I went for these instead, out of what they had at the time, and the pattern has grown on me.

I will end by saying that the Doctor of Physical Therapy who worked on me for two months told me that (as I already knew, but hadn’t been practicing due to “reasons”) we need to rotate and wear different shoes from day to day. A reason that is important for plantar fasciitis is because in changing from one pair of shoes to another, your foot will rest chiefly on three points that are slightly different from shoe to shoe, so will not always hit in the exact same place. But if you wear custom full-sole orthotics, it will nullify the effect, as your foot will be hitting the same place on the orthotic, even if you use the orthotic in different shoes.

And yes, @timsgeekery, your experience of a day walking and standing can be what age feels like! Do not ask me about my knees or back! LOL A word to the wise: keep active and fit, not sedentary.


Wow. I thought I was sore yesterday.

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