Ok my Puppy is having puppies any tips?

Ok my puppy is pregnant her tummy is getting bigger and today we can see wiggling already. We think the mating was almost 2 months ago.

On November 5th my wife took a picture of the boy’s pee pee as it’s (to her and to me) abnormally long, lol. So my guess is that’s when they mated.

She’s a Bewier Terrier very small it’s the same size as Yorkie

I just order the whelping box
The heating pad
Taking her to the Vet sometime this week for I guess an X-ray to determine how far along it is.

Any advice would be awesome.


Beautiful pups @Al1885


Gorgeous, @Al1885!


Thanks guys, Imma be a gramp soon enough, lol. still dunno what to do, lol.

Funny, before my first daughter was borned, I actually had a plan to breed my, then puppy so my wife would be distracted and not wanting a baby. now it’s kinda late in the game, lol. 3 kids, 3 puppies and more to come, ha ha.


Dogs pretty much know what to do. Don’t help with the birth. If there’s a problem call the vet. Keep her warm and away from the other dogs when she has the pups.

Keep her in a calm area, too much commotion can stress her and she may neglect the pups.

A place where she can rest where the pups can’t follow her to give her a little break would be a good idea.

All common sense stuff. Ask your vet. The dog really will know what to do, although birth can not go according to plan. I had a dog once try to reach the whelp box and drop a pup on the way, and have another pup as soon as she got to the box. I had to move the pup by picking it up with a towel.

Pups are fun. Congrats granpa


Thanks @Wombat-metal
Calm area, check.
I can isolate the mama with the pups no problem, check
I order the electric heat pad, check, just have to research what temp.

Vet check up planned, Check. As the matter of fact a few weeks ago We took her to the vet but they “couldn’t tell if she was pregnant” or not unless we spent the $180 X-ray, lol. That said as much as they couldn’t tell, the nurse told my wife if no one takes the puppy, she’d take a male. lol. While I, we don’t have any plan to sell the puppies but the mom and dad cost about $10K, ha ha.


We have 2 boys so far, lol.

My wife watch the video and just got up and ran on her way out she said that the puppy’s giving birth. Whaaatt! :joy:

So I close the restaurant and came home and built the whelping box.

Here’s what we have so far. Brace yourself cuteness overload.

Thanks @Wombat-metal you are so right she did the whole thing herself, by the time we got home both were already delivered.




Congrats, Grampa! They are precious!!!


lol. Thanks. @MikeC and @Wombat-metal This is new experience. I think this is it just 2. The mom is already relaxed.


2 is a good number for a first time mom. And granpa. The potty training will wear you out with a big litter. Might want to do crate for that as dogs do not like to go where they sleep. Can’t wait for the eyes to open. That’s when cuteness goes to 11


Copy that @Wombat-metal The mama is pad trained so I’m hoping that she’ll show the puppies the way.


Congratulations Al! They’re darn cute. What good little mama dog.


Absolutely, she made us look like we know what we are doing. First time Mama too.


So much cuteness. I only just found the thread so couldn’t add any advice for the pregnancy. She did well. I’m sure you already have, but have a vet check her over to make sure there was only 2, and that everything else is ok with the 3 of them.

Re; housetraining, our spaniel was reared by her mother in a shed in a paddock, and the whole little knew by 4 weeks old that they were to leave the shelter and go to a designated corner of the paddock to do their business. She never once had an accident in the house except when she was very poorly. Puppies are taken from their mothers too early, in most cases, but the more time they spend with mum and any siblings, the better.

Congratualtions to the first time mum. She did brilliantly.


Thanks @PeteP

It will be interesting to see how the puppies learn from their parents. We have only re-train the potty training our puppies as all of mine came trained already.

What I found remarkable is the young Papa behavior changes. He’s known to do some mischievous things from time to time like dragging out things from the cabinets and knocking down some “things”. From the labor he’s been great