Older fender rumble 100?

store by me has a older fender rumble 100. its big, heavy, covered in carpet and has a red light under it. looks like it has a 15 speaker and a small tweeter. they are selling it for $150. it sounded better then the current rumble 100. but its big and heavy…

were these any good?

i has a DI, active/passive and midscoop, 4 band eq and stereo cd in and effcts loop.

also some distortion with tone rolled off. but louder and crisper then current model and i could feel the bass.

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You can’t feel the bass with a Rumble 100? :sweat_smile:

Some of those vintage models tend to sound great but I can imagine that lifting gets old real quick.


If you like the sound you get and you don’t mind the weight then it’s a good buy.

There isn’t anything inherently better about newer equipment unless you want specific connections or lower weight.

Part of me still wishes I had waited to find a good condition old Peavey 15" combo amp. I would have saved a bunch of money.

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Maybe a hand truck/dolly would help?


I initially thought you meant a bobble-head doll. :joy: Also a great way to see if you have bass.

Those hand trucks are a great invention!

just saw that the v3 is discounted to 227 on fenders site, so will prob pick that up