One Bass tab I would love to learn

Rikky Don’t Lose That Number by Steely Dan.


That’s totally doable. Just first follow Josh’s lessons to learn techniques and theory, then you can slow down playback on YouTube and work on learning a few measures at a time. After that, string them together. It will take time, but it’s a worthwhile pursuit. And a great bass line from a great tune.


Little old bossa nova. Where the riff came from


I was just thinking of a thread like this!
I just discovered, again, now that I’m listening more for bass in music, this song by Cake.
I Will Survive. Such a great bass run in that!


alternate take on the ‘bass’ line

I think you’ll find that this song, scary as it may seem at first, will “grow on you” if you practice at it. Took me about a year, but I started to see bass tabs like this one as a challenge, but not insurmountable. It’s absolutely an exercise in memorization at that point, and there’s good news – your fingers will be doing a lot of the “memorizing” for you, eventually. :slight_smile:

I hope you pursue it sincerely, @fleurenf – there’s great reward in practicing a song you really, really want to play, even if you have to come back to it throughout your bass journey before you get it. If you want to have fun with it now, I recommend learning the parts you really want to learn (that intro is great, for example) and popping in Steely Dan from time to time, playing what you can, and just keeping the beat and/or trying to match the notes as you go. Playing along with songs is great fun, even if you don’t know all the notes. It’ll also help with your timing and your own musical creativity.

As for me, this song remains my white whale. I’m better at it than I was a year ago, but hooo-boy. Still quite the exercise when I sit down to work on it, now:


Agree with all you have said 100%.
I have a few tunes that get worked on over time, esp faster things that I can’t keep up with.
Eventually they cave, but they put up some really good fights.
Could be years.
Sometimes I think being mentally ready for a tune is part of it.
Sometimes just takes time.
Brains are funny things.

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Playing what moves you is key to growing as a musician.

Let your ears inspire your heart to engage your brain to direct your fingers to uncover the sounds that feed your ears.

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I have one i really want but can’t find!
Megatron man '87 by patrick cowley

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