One down, fifteen to go!

Started B2B on Monday 11th Jan (11/1/21), and i’ve only had 30 minutes a day due to a 4 month old, eye strain/migraines and tiredness.

Really enjoying this accessible teaching style, and quite pleased that i’ve gotten through this initial bit with zero issue - a history of messing about on the ukulele has seemingly helped me breeze through the opening module.

Looking forward to starting Module 2 tomorrow, and quite pleased that I am seemingly getting through them in advance of the 3 month schedule. I’m pretty sure that i’ll be in need of a few days to pass the odd lesson here and there!


Started about the same time you did. Currently on the third module.

Playing “Child In Time” was quite fun. :slight_smile:


Great stuff - are you going for the one month schedule then?

I’ll be content with passing in 6 months, but 3 months seems like a realistic schedule at the moment given work demands, dad duty, house work and everything else that life throws at you.


Nah, going for 3 months.

Last two days I had off and nothing else to do. :slight_smile:

I’m a single guy, no kids, and work nights. No girlfriend, so I have an abnormal amount of time on my hands. I go to the gym 3 times a week, and thats pretty much it, lol.


Well done @ChrisBritsBass,
Go at your own pace, there is no point rushing, you can go back and review everything anytime you want :+1:
Cheers Brian


Good choice going for 3 months, there is no rush @Sp33dSnakr,
Take your time and continue to review what you have been over.
Enjoy :sunglasses:
Cheers Brian


3 months was perfect for me, 101 days actually. It’s not a race :slight_smile:


Hi, I signed up on 01/01/21…seemed like a good time :). I’ve been playing in and off for 18 months and can play thru a few songs, but needed something structured to work through and B2B is brilliant for that. I’ve tried some others but Josh’s style and approach keeps me engaged.

I’ve just done the Child in Time lesson and did fine, but I’ve decided to repeat it to get it spot on.

I’m aiming at trying to a lesson a day and also working on a song… currently trying to get the solo section of Bad Moon Rising sussed so I can add that to my setlist :slight_smile:

The support on this forum also really helps, it’s like we’re all in school together :slight_smile:

Good luck with it all


Precisely, @MattHinchliffe . . . :slight_smile:


Up to Module 4.2

Whenever I’m driving down the road in my semi truck, whatever is on the radio that I can hear the bass, I find myself automatically strumming on the steering wheel with my bird and index finger. xD

My mind:


Something I’m catching myself doing is adding crap into the bassline that’s not part of the lesson. I have to force myself to stop.

“No…NO Tommy, work the lesson, focus on the lesson.”

Also memorize the 12 notes octave to octave on every string while I work. :slight_smile:

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definitely not rushing. Im in month 8 but nearly there


2 down now, 6 days in. Probably run through module 3 tomorrow if I can find some time.

I’m setting myself the objective of playing for at least 10 minutes a day, as it’s like they say - once you’re set up, you’ll probably play longer.