One finger per fret?

Started course about a week ago and just began module 4. Played guitar when I was younger and began bass about a year ago. Prior to this course ive mostly had the one finger per fret rule drilled into my skull constantly. Not challenged so far (but sure its coming lol) but I’m going through all the lessons so I don’t miss something that my fundamental toolbox needs. Ive noticed that in these earlier lessons the three finger method is being mostly used? Would it be a good idea to go back to that or should I stick with ofpf? Ive heard opinions both ways but stayed with ofpf mainly cuz it felt natural due to the residual muscle memory from guitar. I have noticed that some lines played on the first 3 frets are easier using 3 finger though I can play them the other way too. If I switched would I eventually need to switch back to ofpf ?


Nvm…got my answer in the very next lesson LMAO!!! geez.


Haha, yeah I endeavor to answer questions before they’re even asked, sounds like I almost made it this time :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s a bummer how much confusion there is about this on the interwebs. It’s really just a matter of using the right tool for the job. If your bass line only uses a 3-fret span, there’s no reason to stretch OFPF. If it uses a wider span than that, there might be a reason to stretch to OFPF, but even then doing micro-shifts is sometimes more efficient/effective.

As the Beginner to Badass course goes on we do start playing with more OFPF when appropriate, (like when we learn the major scale) so that it’s available as a tool in the toolbag. But yeah, stretching when you don’t need to stretch = wasted energy.


Was using First and third finger for the billy jean riff but it definitely felt better with the pinky. I cant stop using finger rolls but definitely less strain with pinky. Think Ill be less rigid with ofpf whenever I can get away with it. Gr8 idea.


I find the 3 finger method confusing when reading music - it seems to be 3 fingers at lower registers, 4 for higher. I am finding it more efficient (at least at the brain-finger interface!) to use OFPF myself. Got my music coach to buy off on it, too! :slight_smile:


Well and also, the 3 finger approach is more shifting/less stretching, which might feel more comfortable on your lower frets since they’re bigger and further from your body.

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