Online Bass Lessons

Hello everyone,

I am a new bassist that has been doing his best with you tube videos but that can only get you so far. I was looking for recommendations on how to find good bass teachers online. Is there specific websites people like? I am currently in San Francisco but do travel the country with my wife who is a nurse. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Welcome aboard @Bassface,
I suggest signing up to the the B2B course, if you haven’t already done that?
I’m not sure if Josh @JoshFossgreen or @Gio do online teaching??
enjoy the ride,
Cheers Brian.


IMO Beginner to Badass is one of the best beginners online courses and you should try it out


You are currently posting in the forum for the best online beginner bass course :slight_smile:

I definitely recommend signing up for the course on this site.


Are you looking for a one-on-one online instructor, or for online courses like B2B? If the latter, there’s no beginner course that can beat the B2B course, plus there are many advanced online courses I could recommend.
If the former, our own @JoshFossgreen and @Gio both offer private online lessons.


Hey @Bassface! I do take a few one-on-one students, but I prioritize people who’ve already taken my Beginner to Badass course.


Seriously dude, get the beginner to badass course on BassBuzz (B2B).

The lessons are relatively short, but like a Snickers bar, they are chock full of chocolatey peanut bass goodness. Take it at your own pace, and Josh’s style of teaching is very relaxed.

And since it’s not a subscription and you pay the money up front, they are yours in perpituity and you can always take a lesson as a refresher.

You’ll also be a hero in this forums eyes and recieve copious amounts of sarcasm, sass, and good natured humor as your reward. :smiley: