Online resources for grooving along, for the use of

Hi Folks,

Don’t know if you know of this resource, but here’s a link to Taustanhaut, a YouTube channel dedicated to drum backing tracks, all styles, all tempos.

OK, can’t post links here. The channel is called Taustanauhat and the tagline is Backing Tracks.


Thanks… I guess they might be helpful if you don’t have a descent DAW.

They’re useful if you’re away from your computer as well.

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Is this the link you mean: ?

Been meaning to find another source for tracks to jam with, just haven’t found the time.
Thank you!

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Hi @RemcoRG, thank you.

Yes, that’s exactly the site. I’ve been noodling around with the tracks, as well as doing scales with them. It’s amazing how much more fun scales are with a beat.


It’s the most effective way to practice as well. Nothing beats playing with drums to work on your timing. Metronomes suck in comparison, at least for me. Something about having that beat going.

I essentially always play with drums of some kind.

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I’ve been considering getting a drum effect pedal for this very reason. I will try the site; thanks for sharing.

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The drum loops in the Zoom multieffects pedals work pretty well for this. Lots of patterns.

For buying a dedicated drum box I would say just spend a little more for an actual drum machine. They are pretty inexpensive used, even for good ones, and you get an actual musical instrument and not a pedal.

I do mine in the DAW using drum virtual instruments, this is the most flexible way for me, but it’s tied to the computer.

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The drum machine was one of the best investments I have made regarding my bass practice. Far superior to metronome in so many ways. And, as @howard so adroitly pointed out they are not that expensive, but worth every penny of whatever you spend on one.


I wonder if they make a “Keith Moon” drum machine, Pam? . . . :yum:

Maybe that’s what I’ve been missing :wink:



Just pour bourbon and speed into a normal one, then light it on fire


I find that NOTHING brings out creativity like a nice drum beat. Can’t say how many riffs I’ve come up with that started from just playing to some drums.


Yeah seriously, I always regret it if I don’t have some drums going when I practice.

I agree. It’s so much more fun. Even doing simple finger exercies or up-and-down scales is much more productive with a beat.

I don’t know whether it’s because I don’t notice, or because I actually play better, but when I do scales against backing drums it seems that I play cleaner with less fret buzz.

The YT channel I suggested has lots of different tempos and beats and the videos last 7 - 15 minutes. Perfect for practicing one or two scales to a particular bet type. Of course improvising and noodling around is more fun to do this way as well.