Opinion on Ibanez GRS bass?

Planning on upgrading to an Ibanez GSR200BLWNF. Has anyone had any experiences with these basses? I’m on kind of a limited budget (have to fly it under the better half’s radar, if you know what I mean.) Most of the reviews I’ve seen are positive. Was wondering if anyone here has ever had one?

No experience with it myself, but when the Bassbuzz team tested beginner basses, this was the only one they didn’t like.

In fact, if I remember correctly, the advice in the group review was “don’t buy”.

I would upgrade to a regular SR and not a GSR.

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Yeah, or if it has to be a PJ (like the GSR200), get something else in the same price range, like a Squier Affinity or a Yamaha TRBX174.

@Kevins-a-frettin, the question is: what are you upgrading from? None of these suggestions might be an upgrade to what you’re playing currently.

Also what’s your budget? We could make more targetted suggestions if we knew your constraints.

Also, have you considered the used market? Easy to find instruments in great shape at a discount. Reverb and GC both are reputable here.

Big +1 to buying used.

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I’m leaning heavily towards the Ibanez SR300EBL. Trying to keep it around $400. The used market around here kind of sucks for left-handed players like me - there isn’t much to choose from. What are your opinions on this model?


I think the SR300 is a fine bass, and Soundgear by Ibanez a sound line. Light, fast neck, versatile pickups


Yep, I have liked every SR I have picked up.

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Thanks so much, everyone! I’ve decided on the SR300 and will be ordering shortly. I appreciate the valuable input!


I had the gsr200 and hated it. Tons of QC issues, plastic knobs that were more like on off switches…neck was ramped up, sliced my hand on edge of the nut