Opinions on the xBlend II (or how to build one?)

For what bass? Which PU’s? What was the deciding factor for that decision?

I’m really curious!

PS How many projects are you doing/planning?
PPS I will decide on xBlends as soon as I have my bass (meh!) and have installed the DP123…


It’s my hobby, I’ll always have something going on.

  • I don’t know what bass
  • decision factor is I cannot recommend for or against without trying it for myself, simple curiosity

I still have a few things to do here, need to get my Pawn Shop back to it’s original setup, fix the wiring on the Rascal, and do my 51P project. So this may kick around a bit as it hatches in my head

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This got me going and I want to find the 30” jaguar bass and do the full Japanese control setup on it. May be color theme would be nice.

I already have Troy Sanders. I could do it like that too.

This is what I did before.


I’ve thought of the Pawn Shop Jaguar


This is available at my local OfferUp. Really fighting the urge.

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Yeah that is tempting

When the purple bronco bass came up a couple weeks back I almost got one to put a Novak H22 gold foil in

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The neck was a bit too too, how shall I put it, less substantial than I hope. It feels a bit flimsy. It thought it would be a blast to mod but I don’t know the whole bass weight like 7lbs or something. :joy:

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Good to know, still want a gold foil in something lol