Opinions regarding using my headphones to audition possible new bass purchase?

First off I apologize If I using site incorrectly.
I was sitting wondering about another bass.
Basses never sound how i envisioned in a store. Plus I have a slight fear of playing in public setting. I use my headphones on occasion with each of my 4 basses so I getting an opinion on there unique sounds.
And why I like them. I think using my headphones would make more sense in a audition of what I looking for. Any thoughts on this matter? Thank you.


It’s an extremely good idea, especially if you can take the preamp out of the picture too by bringing your own.


Whatever makes you comfortable, is exactly what you should do.

I did this when I was testing out a buch of amps and wanted to make sure I got one with a good sound through headphones.


Good idea, I always bring my VOX amPlug for testing basses in a store.


Yeah that would be perfect. Something like a B1four or a DG Element would too.


There are many reasons to buy one bass over the others and tone is not at the top of the list

Build quality
Resale value is also very important to me

Sound and tone usually falls around here on the list. I check them for functionality making sure if everything works.

It’s best to audition and test the bass in its normal habitat.

If you have a 50w fender amp try to test the bass on a fender 50w amp or something similar. Last thing you want to do is plug it in an amp 5 times more expensive than the one you are using.

I’m usually the opposite, if I can test the bass on a cheap amp I’d try that. It’s keeping me sharp and looking for things that might be wrong with it.

It would be good to do your homework before you get to the store. Research your price range below and above just in case.


I usually just tell them I don’t need an amp at all. Tone is the last thing I care about when instrument shopping. You just can’t get a good representative feel for the tone in a shop, and it’s super easy to fix later anyway.

Feel, looks, quality, value, and overall bonding with the instrument are the only things I consider in shops.

I do do one final check through an amp to validate the electronics if I want to buy it, but thats it.



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Yeah new bass shopping is just checking the fit and finish and electronics. No fret sprouts and paint chips issues.

For used basses, I check for the same and I usually bring the nomad truss rods kit with me I’d check for the functionality that’s to me is the most important, if the truss rod is not moving or at max, Sayonara. If it’s minor issues like scratchy pots or fret sprouts then it’s the discount opportunity

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Scratchy pots are super easy to fix.

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Exactly for those who knows how. If it’s still there when I test them I’d asked why, if they don’t know they usually would offer discounts for pots replacement.

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I do it all the time, and you should too if it moves you.
Getting the sound in your ears the right way is a really good way to decide if the tone of the bass will work for your applications.
Sure, you can craft tone lots of different ways, but maybe you don’t or don’t want to mod, or EQ, or whatever.
Try it the way you want.
Buy it for what you want and why you want it.
It’s your purchase after all.