Orange Terror Bass 500W - I Need Some Advice

Hi everyone,

I need some advice. I have a Orange Terror Bass 500W head that is no longer working (it won’t turn on but I’m not knowledgeable enough to know what the problem is).

So I am trying to sell it on eBay as ‘parts/spares & repairs’. I really need some help on what to price it at, I listed it for £350 ($450ish), which I think is completely fair as it is in excellent condition (other than the not turning on problem). I have made some offers to people that are interested, the lowest (reluctantly) I have gone down to with offers is £310.

Here’s where I need the most advice… Am I being completely unrealistic with that price? Am I trying to sell it for too high? Am I selling it for too low? Hypothetically, what would be your realistic price you would sell it for (if you were in my shoes)?

I had someone offer me £200 and they said that they have seen them on eBay starting at £300-350 fully working. The problem is these amps working never sell for as low as that, they usually sell around the £500 mark, which I explained to this user.

Now, if someone was to buy it from me for £300-350 and had to sink some money into getting it working they will have an amp in great condition for potentially under £500. Which you would be hard pressed to find on eBay.

Please be honest and tell me if I am shooting too high or selling myself short. Any advice would be appreciated.




Have you checked to see if the fuse is blown? Or maybe try a different power cable? Just thought I’d mention that.

Not knowing the root cause makes it difficult to determine a realistic sales price.

Below are the selling prices on Reverb for that amp in the last six months for Very Good to Mint condition.

What I would do is call an Orange Certified Service Center and get an estimate of what it costs to replace the power supply. Then I would deduct that from the current selling prices to come up a price.

My guess is that sold as parts you won’t get much. Good luck!


Cool amp. What made you decide not to get it fixed?


I would try to get it fixed first. That 200 pound offer was even generous imo. Faulty hardware doesn’t sell.


I would strongly agree with getting it fixed before selling it. I mean be realistic and ask yourself, would you buy something that doesn’t work and trust a stranger who says it’s an easy/cheap fix?


Id say £350 is the going rate for a working Bass Terror. As mentioned the £200 offer for a broken amp is generous

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