Other lessons - guitar or bass?

I’m a little halfway through the course and can’t believe how much I’ve learned. Do you have any other courses besides Beginner To Badass? Specifically, do you have a guitar course (the 6 string version) or higher level bass? Thanks! - Brad


Hey Brad! B2B (that’s my little code name for Beginner To Badass since I end up typing it a lot :slight_smile:) is the only BassBuzz course so far. I can’t wait to put together a follow-up course, but it’ll be a little while. In the meantime we’ll have lots more lessons coming out in the free lessons area.

And no guitar course either. My buddy and collaborator JP Allen does have a harmonica course called Happy Harpin’ you could check out, I haven’t done it myself yet but I’m sure it’s great because a lot of his amazing teaching ideas went into creating B2B as well.

When the next course comes out, you’ll be the first to know!


Is there anyone you can refer to for acoustic guitar lessons, with a similar teaching format as B2B Online? My niece is learning Acoustic guitar and she wishes you were her teacher. She loves watching me go over your bass lessons and thinks your teaching style is easy to understand and entertaining.


I wish, but I’m not aware of any guitar courses, acoustic or electric, that have the same thorough step-by-step approach. I’m sure there are tons of courses to choose from, and there are a lot of great guitar players out there, but I can’t speak for the quality of anybody’s teaching in particular.

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Josh, Thanks for the course! I’ve been playing guitar for several years but just recently got interested in bass. About the same time I signed up for your course (which was absolutely fantastic- can’t wait for a follow up) I also bought a DVD series by Roy Vogt. Thankfully I started with yours or I probably would have quit. I’m sure he’s a great player but not a teacher. Anyway, have you ever looked at any of the other bass lessons available either online or on DVD and seen one that you could recommend to hold me over?

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Check out Ariane Cap’s course. She’s very knowledgeable and a good teacher as well.

I love Victor Wooten’s (+ Anthony Wellington’s) Groove Workshop DVD. It’s a very different teaching style than we do at Bass Buzz - much more like “here’s some cool stuff to think about, now you figure out how to apply it on your own.” But if you can handle that, the content is super juicy.

Hey Josh,
Any chance you will cover Modes as well as Pentatonic Scales?


Most definitely gonna be in the follow up course to Beginner to Badass.

In the meantime, I have covered that stuff in some detail in my older Youtube videos, here’s a playlist with all that stuff:


For a guitar course that is pretty similar to B2B - I’m currently taking one on goodguitarist.com , titled Learn Guitar Once and For All. It is geared toward complete beginners, just like Josh’s course, and, unlike random YouTube videos that assume you already know a lot of things, it starts from the beginning. Similar style of teaching - lots of visual cues, play-alongs, asides on technique, rhythm, practice extras and exercises, real songs, and light on theory. It seems to be tailored more for acoustic guitar, though I’m learning electric - lots of chords, fingering, how to shift between chords, stuff like that. I’m about halfway through it, so far so good - he puts out new freebie videos weekly too with tips and tricks, but there’s a fee for the course. (Worth it - the tuition-based courses are just way better, and such a value too compared to private lessons!)

It’s nice that lessons like these exist online - I feel pretty spoiled - I need the coddling on the basics, just starting out with all this, and opting to learn these two instruments concurrently!


Just signed up for Paul Davids’ beginner guitar course and it follows a format very similar to B2B. I suspect they use the same learning software/system. Pricing is similar too, including the 3-month plan and 30-day cash back guarantee.