Our captain!

I was watching Once Upon a Time with my kids tonight. Does this guy remind you of anyone?



Damn, he’s gonna have problems fretting from now on…


that man is made for a Morphine slide.

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But he’ll always be able to find the hook! :smiley:

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Among my least favorite songs from one of my favorite bands, Vulfpeck: Captain Hook. But the original lyrics/vocals are SO bad I’m only linking to the instrumental version. That being said, if you look up syncopation in the dictionary it directs you to Joe Dart killing it on bass about 1:39 into this song - and as usual, Joe is so deep in the pocket the drummer can embellish as much as he wants because Joe IS the rhythm section. I haven’t been listening to Vulf much lately, and I’d forgotten just how casually perfect Joe Dart is.:

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Yes! Wasn’t he the bassist for Joy Division? @howard what was his name again?


Hahahaha yessss

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Now that is funny! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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