P bass fretless?

Well here goes!
I would like to get a P bass fretless bass anyone know where to get one?
There are either way over priced or have been modified to be one.
So my question is why not make one of my own ?
Get a Player’s series and remove the speed bumps or get a good condition American P bass and get a fretless neck for it.?
If I save the original parts I can go back to what the bass was first born as so there is no loss. I get to see if I like a fretless P and some luthier experience as well.

How would you people do it with out spending a fortune?

P.S the reason for this adventure is I really like my fretless jazz bass so I want it’s counter part.


Sire makes a fretless version of their PJ. It’s $555 on Thoman’s website.


Building one is really fun and cool. Here’s my American Tony Franklin Fretless neck. The most expensive part on a bass is the neck. You can find several US body for not too much more than the Mexican but p bass body is harder to find than jazz body for US made.


I have seen used fretless Ps come.up for sale here and there. Not as frequent as Jazz ones but you will find them. Currently in my area (Ontario) a guy is trading his P fretless neck for a fretted one. And just before Christmas another person was selling his 5 string fretless P.

If you find a P fretted (MIM) for around $500 you can buy a brand new official Fender MIM fretless for $300 off Amazon.

With a bit of patience and some luck I am sure one will come your way.


Or if you don’t want to wait:


https://stratosphereparts.com is a good place to find parts from parted out guitars and basses. They had Tony Franklin necks the last time I visited.


I’m planning on doing this. The first bass I bought was the Amazon p-bass model. It had issues. Bridge was junk, grounds not connected. Pickups 8 miles from the strings, time and some replacement parts made it play ok.

It has a maple neck and a really great maple fingerboard, though. So I’m going to pull the fret wires, fill the fret lines make my own fretless.

I kinda like this idea, on account the lines left will be my fret markers. I ain’t one of those cool play it by ear guys…
I’m doing it this way on account the money is already spent, and since it’s not my primary player, if I screw it up it won’t break my heart.

I figure as this is better than my other plan, which was to go full rock star and smash things with it until it fell apart.


Some great suggestions in here, and I’d imagine there are some cool used options out there if you have the patience and diligence to look.

There’s also the MIM Fender line - I’ve seen some of their P-bass fretless stuff in years past that was good. The P bass I play at all gigs and on all session recordings in a MIM P bass with stock pick ups (fretted though) and it is killer.


Warmoth.com is authorized by Fender to make replacement necks and they have fretless as an option.


That is good to know :partying_face:


AllParts do as well:

Not cheap though, $550 for a fretless Precision neck :exploding_head:


If you’re looking for a used bass or parts, IMO, there is no better place than Talkbass Classifieds . Bass galore!

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