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Hey youse guyse! So I’m thinking about getting one of those fancy page turner foot pedals.
Up to now I’ve been good with using my widescreen monitor and having all the pages spread out, but when I want to get away from my PC I’d like to use my Android tablet.
I see many styles and price ranges out there so I’m just checking to see what others like. It wouldn’t be bad if it also worked with my PC as well, for times I want to use some of the web-based sheet systems via my PC

I’ve seen some very cheap

To more expensive

What are your thoughts?

I’ve also considered just taping my music together so that I can spread it all out in front of me but that might get cumbersome if I’m visiting elewhere.

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ya, i know, replying to my own topic,
This one looks promising. Has lots of good reviews, and works for Android and PC

multiple modes etc.

EDIT: I ordered this one. I’ll do a little review since it’s so cheap


That’s the one I have and I love it. It is sturdily built and the switches are completely silent.

I had a harder time selecting the software for my Samsung Tab 8 10.5" tablet. After reviewing many, I settled on MobileSheets Pro from Zubersoft on the playstore. The combination of the two has been a game changer for me. I figure the pedal and software will pay for themselves within a year in what I will save in paper and toner, not to mention the convenience of having all my songs in one place.

Let us know how it works out for you and what software you will be using. :+1: :+1: :+1:


I have the Tab S2 10 inch and I’ll check out that software. Thanks! Looking forward to trying it out.


Nice tablet. I could not justify the cost of the S pen version for what I do. I have software to do any editing needed on the PC and then I just transfer the file.

I haven’t found anything that MobileSheets Pro can’t do to meet my needs.
I play 2-3 jam sessions every week and this has saved me so much time finding the lead sheet I want.

One of the monthly sessions I play sends out a set list of 20-27 lead sheets in advance in PDF format. I just learned how to split the PDF into individual files, edit them if needed, and put the individual songs into my song list. From there I can make a set list if necessary or group the songs into individual collections. Amazing. YMMV

I will say that if you do decide to use MobileSheets Pro that you download the manual and go through it. It’s the better part of 200 pages, which tells you how thorough the software is.

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I just looked up Mobile Sheets. I’m not sure I’ll need something as robust as that. I just need a PDF viewer, I think. I’m not a music writer, just a reader. I’ll sek you out, though, if I decide to expand my horizons!

EDIT: I take it back, I really like the looks of MobileSheets. The annotation bits look especially tasty. I’ll give it a try. I’ll only be using it with the most basic of uses, viewing, and page turning.

EDIT EDIT: Ya I bought it. REached the 8 song limit and had to! Luckily I take part in Google’s Rewards surveys and had $25 in google play money so it was free! LOL

I don’t have the pen with my tab

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Even so a lot of lead sheets have more than one page, as you will soon discover. So the software in conjunction with a page turner is the only solution without stopping.

Glad to see you tried the free version before getting the Pro version. I thought about doing that but for the low price and all the features I just jumped straight in to the Pro version.

Where are you located @groaner

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Got it. Thanks

Ottawa Ontario for me.

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I’ve used a Donner page turner for the last year playing with a couple different bands and also at home for practice, etc…

Donner Wireless Page Turner Pedal for Tablets Foot Pedal Rechargeable, Black

It’s bluetooth and connects to either my computer or my iPad. I have mine mounted on my pedalboard and it works great. Great battery life, has held up to all kinds of abuse…. I also use the “forScore” app that is really versatile and allows me to also build set-lists of songs from my music library.

Keep On Thumpin’!


Awesome, I saw that on the amazons as well. For my purposes, non gigging, it was a bit more than I wanted to spend so the one I linked above won out. I’m sure it will perform as I need it to and if I ever in my wildest dreams do start to play more than basement practices I’ll consider a more robust piece.

Thanks for the info!


Well it’s been 3 months and thirteen, 2 hour jam sessions each, since I started using this page turner and I just wanted to update anybody interested on it’s useage.

Yueyinpu Wireless Foot Pedal Hands-Free Music Page Turner for Tablets…

Yueyinpu Wireless Foot Pedal Hands-Free Music Page Turner for Tablets Smartphones Rechargeable Anti-Skid Pad : Electronics

This thing is robust and has performed flawlessly. Battery life is great. What I have saved in paper and toner has more than paid for it and the MobileSheets Android app.

I am amazed more people are not using a page turner. At the sessions if there is no playlist it really comes into it’s own. I have the songs in individual playlists for each jam group and they are sorted alphabetically and list the key each song is in. So, if some one calls out let’s play House of the Rising Sun in C I can locate it and have it ready to go in seconds. Then I sit back and watch everybody fumbling with their binders and searching for the appropriate lead sheet. Gives my fretting fingers a bit of a rest :slightly_smiling_face:

I highly recommend the combination if wanting your songs organized and/or you want to go paperless.
Just my $.02 Take the advice or leave it the choice is always yours. :+1: :+1: :+1:


Yes! I love it. And another thing Mobile Sheets does is allow you to save a set list. I’m not a gigging bassist (yet) but for those who are I highly recommend it along with a pedal.

My brother uses the sheets from UG almost exclusively on a Samsung tablet (just a Strummer on guitar) and the page turner won’t work with those views for some reason, even when you set it to simply be a page down and page up key. Not sure why.

Need to get him on Mobile Sheets!

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I use the set list at structured jams where we know exactly what songs we will be playing.

The neat thing is that when you import the the songs into either a collection or setlist they are also automatically imported into the overall song tab that has all the songs regardless of where they were being used. That is why I am very diligent about the naming of the song when it is initially imported.
I have the song title, where it was initially used, the date and the key. A naming example is Dust In The Wind BPLG Feb 2023 in G. SO I have the Song Name and it was used in the BPLG jam group in February of 2023 and it is in the key of G.

What file format are your brother’s UG song sheets in?
Somewhere in the 180 page manual it states what file formats can be used.
I know that JPG and PDF files will load.

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He just has his favorites and sets them to scroll automatically. Just the web pages of the tabs or the ‘official’ sheets.

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I picked up one of these and have been pretty happy with it. Out of the box just connected to my Microsoft Surface windows 10 tablet no issues at all. No settings to change, right click is page down and left click is page up. I just use it with pdf’s opened up in seperate tabs in edge or chrome.

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