Painting a Bass

So I recently rediscovered my high school love… my Yamaha RBX200. I foolishly had covered her in band stickers then scraped them off as my music tastes changed. She looks rough. How if at all can I repaint her to look back to her original black beauty??


Greeting Starlene, and welcome ,
painting a bass guitar is a lot of work to do. I’ve never painted one just for that reason. you can find on you tube videos on how to paint a bass here’s one link.

I would have a pro do my bass if I was going to repaint it. I would do the unassemble and just send them the body. but that’s me.
you would get like brand new bass with you color or custom color. those are my 2 cents. good luck and welcome.
Another thing you can do use some goo gone to remove sticker adhesive be sure it doesn’t remove you old gloss. Then use scratch out paste to buff out. Not sure if your bass is gloss or satin.

just get new stickers


The problem with YouTube video is that they make it look very easy. To be fair refinishing and repaint is not very difficult as long as you know what not to do, and in order to know that is to make the mistakes, lol.

If you have the right tool and setup it can be pretty easy, or if you don’t have fancy setup but have the right skill then it would be easy too.


3 rules of painting:

  1. If you think you’ve sanded enough, sand some more.
  2. If you think you’ve mixed enough, mix again.
  3. If you can notice a difference between the preceding coat of paint and the one you’re putting on, you’re laying it on too thick.
  1. You didn’t let it dry long enough. Back to sanding!
  1. Allowing extra time between coats for the paint to cure is never the wrong decision.

Hey, you can always stain it too. Much safer and less intimidating than painting for firstimer. Less to mess up.