Patch cable

Hey I wanted a small 1 metre long right angled instrument cable to use with zoom… Iv got a really long cable and just wanted a smaller one. I stupidly bought a patch cable a two right angled cable.
My question is could I use this to connect to my zoom from my guitar I wouldnt do anything detrimental to any of my gear if I tried would I? noob question I know but I just wanted to check obviously I dont know about these things lol… Thanks.


Angles don’t matter, more of a preference and space things (like on a pedalboard).


Thanks @John_E just wanted to make sure… I was thinking more for the fact is wasnt made for a instrument but was made for predalboard.


ah, nope, all the same. I like right angles on my bass, allows to have the cable slip through the strap easier, and I like straight ends to go into amps and pedals, then of course right angles all around on the pedalboard to save space.


Its good to have such a nice community where you can come and ask dumb questions and not get chewed out… Thanks


I have yet to see a dumb question on this forum.
We all start form square 1, and learn.
A lot of this stuff is so confusing because there are so many options (marketers go a great job at making the world very confusing) and many sites don’t do a good job of explaining anything. A lot of the guides sites put out are so generic they are useless too.

It is hard to find answers to very specific questions like this, and this is a great place to get those answers becuase everyone here has ‘been there’ in some format or will ‘be there’ again with the next technical question and knows the feeling too.