Paul McCartney at Glastonbury 2022

Does anyone have a link to the whole 2hr concert? I can find the audio but not video @John_E


The session musicians must have nerves of steel. “Don’t worry - you’ll be up there with McCartney and Grohl, main stage at Glastonbury on national TV. No pressure”


Generally the BBC posts one video per artist. For the whole concert an enterprising fan needs to record the stream and post it, and then the BBC will hit them with a copyright strike and have it taken down.

At least this is how it worked with Babymetal a couple years ago, luckily the Babymetal fans objected to the strike loudly and the BBC relented and removed their strikes somewhat to everyone’s surprise.

I did check a couple of the more disreputble video streaming platforms and no Mccartney fan seems to have loaded the concert up, and I haven’t found it yet.


Just saw him a few weeks back in Boston. Incredible show! His band is amazing and been with him for some time now…the horn section he brought in (Hot City Horns) were on point and entertaining!


I saw him in Oakland in May. 2.5 hours straight. Other band members taking a break, but he was on stage the whole time…impressive.

I have the full concert recorded in HD on my sky box.

If all else fails you could catch a flight to Ireland. :wink:

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