Peavey Bass Amps

Hello Y’all

I have been itching to make some real noise on rare occasions but as always I don’t want to spend so much.

On the Italian reverb (mercatinomusicale) I have seen lots of posts for Peavey amps. Most of them are 15" at 100-150 euro band.

Models are:
TNT 100
Basic 60

Anyone has experience with the brand? I’ve only seen it as Josh’s bass.


old Peavey gear is good, in the heavy and solid way. mostly good (or even very good) sounding gear, often pretty reliable. more modern Peavey production is more … low end. not bad sounding, but not very well made, and less reliable.

'hope it helps.


What is “old” and what is “modern”? If I read correctly on their site, Peavey has made amps since about 1973 but is chronological halfway point considered to be the split point between eras?


What size is the room or area you will be playing in?
I have a 15" amp, and I do love it, however I play it in a small area, and it is too MUDDY and percussive.
I had been looking for, and recently found and bought the 10" version of the same 15" amp I have and am very very happy to have this sized speaker for the smaller area that I MOST OFTEN play in. it is much more punchy, and works way better for me for daily use.

That said, The 15" combo amp that I have, I purchased with an ADD ON speaker Cabinet (one that was made to go with it) and it is a 4 x 10 speaker cabinet.
Even in larger places, or if I were ever to use this to practice with a band, or play live, the addition of the 4x10" speakers to the 15" speaker will certainly help to cut thru the mix, and not get drowned out by the band.

If it were me, I would be looking for a combo amp that was either a single 10" speaker, two 10" speakers, or EVEN a single 12" speaker.
2 by 8" speaker combo amps are good too, like the TC Electronics BG250 208, if you want to look it up for an example.

As far as Peavy for a brand, I like what @terb said about them. if it is newer gear, I personally look at Gallien Krueger, TC Electronics, Fender, Ampeg.

For older gear, I LOVE SWR, but they are not made anymore. They were at one point, if not always a FENDER company. Now that SWR is not made anymore, FENDER amps have come a long way, so I think there is a good relation between OLD SWR and NEW Fender amps.

If you are going to use it indoors, and leave it in one place most of the time, I am sure almost anything you get will work and if Peavey is most readily available, and you take your bass, and try it out and like it, you should be fine.
I still would be looking for a smaller speaker then 15", but that is just my advice and I am not a GURU by any means

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I’d say that the crossover would be around 1995. that’s not very precise.


what ? an old SWR and a current Fender doesn’t sound similar at all, I don’t understand what you’re saying ?

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Not so much that they sound the same.
More about the company, and that Fender bass amps got much better after they closed SWR

Really? I loved my Rumble, but the Bassman was an iconic classic. Apples and oranges, but did Fender ever actually beat the Bassman?

I’ve got a Peavey TKO115S and I love it !
Helped that the guy didn’t really know the proper value of it a basically advertised it for half of what it’s worth .


I love it when that happens

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Talking of Peavey amps , I have an effects in/out and a pre-amp in/out on mine. I assume it does exactly as it says on the tin and you just stick your effects/pre-amp in the middle of 2 leads and connect to the amp?

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I was simply hoping to buy and old but gold amp for a good price. But checking it out later on I can see that Italians don’t get the “second hand price” bit.

I will just go on with saving for a Rumble 40