Peavey Foundation


Dos anyone have any experience with one? The shop where I take my lesson has an 80’s model for a good price.


I don’t have any experience with the foundation, but I have some experience with Peavey instruments of that era - I bought a used Horizon ages ago. It is a big plank of wood.
It works, it is sturdy, well made, and I still use it for super low metal riffing.

The foundation looks like it’s from the same family - heavy, well made, durable… if you like it, I’d say go for it.
But don’t expect anyone to come and ooh or aah at your Peavey.
For some sad reason the brand is spurned by most casual players and gear-heads. Too bad. Some heavy-duty USA made stuff in that line.


Thanks. Will post pics if I get it. Will play it at my lesson.


I haven’t played one of those either, but looks interesting. Definitely not something I’d use as a main axe, for my personal preference, but looks totally useable. Interesting bridge pickup placement, it’s soooo close to the bridge, I’d be interested to hear how that sounds.


Picked the Foundation up today as it was a consignment and the owner was thinking about not selling. Looks really nice & came with a case! Will go with me this week in the truck to be used in my lessons/practicing.


Cool beans! I have a guitar- a Peavey Horizon - that looks like the little brother/sister to that bass. I’ll post a pic when I can!




Thank You! Plays really nice!