Peavey T-40 great tone options demo

Lobster did a really good job demoing all the crazy (albeit confusing) tone options of the T-40.
No other bass can do what the T-40 can…if you can hold it long enough (mine is 12 lbs).


Hah! I was just about to post this and tag you, @John_E .

That phase switch is astounding. I love how much growl it gives. Working on the electronics would be a nightmare, I think. What’s the nut width? Is it 1.65 like the Patriot?

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No clue, he mentions it but I don’t ever really consider nut width, etc.
I am so used to playing saxes from sopranino to baritone that size/feel really doesn’t matter.

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Size doesn’t matter, so long as it’s long and thick :slight_smile:

Edit: in this case 1 11/16" or 43mm.

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Kind of weird that the coil tap is built in to the tone knobs like it is. That actually sounds kind of unfortunate; I’d rather have the tone be just tone and the coil tap separate rather than always splitting the humbuckers at 8+. In fact that’s a big bummer as my preference would be to run the humbuckers wide open on tone, but apparently you can’t.

I generally never split coils.

Yes you can.
Single coil tone is from 8-10
Humbucker tone is from 1-7
They both work quite well.

I think he made a few mistakes when he was describing what’s what. He said “8” a lot when it wasn’t really.

so, 7 on the tone knob is a humbucker with no tone attenuation? In other words, it undoes the single-coil rolloff from 10 to 8? That seems… weird?

This seems like a very odd setup to avoid having a separate coil split switch.

10 is single coil tone up
8 is single coil tone rolled off
7 is humbucker tone up
1 is humbucker tone rolled off

My guess is some circuit geek at Peavey figured out a way to do this, so they used it.
Versitility in two less switches.
Saves room for the phase switch :upside_down_face:

Innovation is not always useful or solving a problem.
I look at this as circuit art.
For its own interesting approach.
It adds character to a bass already full of it.


but… why not just make the tone knob a push/pull for splitting the coils, like everyone else does?

This is really common. I even have a guitar with a coil split, three-way pup selector, tone and volume, with just two knobs and one switch.

Yes, a pot with a center detent, controlling the individual coil volume (center detent = humbucker) would probably be simpler. I don’t know if the phase switch would work with that, though.

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Simplest is just the standard method. Coil is split or not (which disables one coil of the humbucker), the split is either a push-pull on one of the pots, or a separate switch.

The bass seems really cool, I’m just kind of boggling at why they would choose to do it that way.

Cause it was 1980?