Peavey Valve King 100

Anyone use one of these with their bass? I want a tube amp and have a limited budget. Someone has one of these for sale for $150. So, I was wondering if it would be a good starter tube amp.

It would probably be a good starter tube amp, provided you had speakers to go with it.
It’s a guitar amp, so it will be great for the high and mid-range of your bass sound, but won’t be able to put out much low end.

Yeah, I knew it would probably not have much if any low end. I can try to EQ that with my effects some. I just don’t know if 100 watts will hang with a guitarist playing with the same 100 watts.

Well, unfortunately it will not.
To compete with 100 watts of guitar power, I’d say you’d need 300 - 500 watts of bass power.
If you’re talking tubes, you’d need 300 tube watts.
100 watts of guitar amp is earth-shatteringly loud.
To compete with that in bass land, you’d need a lot of low end.

I love playing through guitar amps, but without something beefy to push your low notes, that 100 watts of guitar amp will only compete with guitars in the guitar register of frequencies.

That’s what I figured. I have never used all tube amps before but I was considering trying it. Probably just stick with my Peavey Mark VI.

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