Pedals 101 help please!

I have a Hotone multi effects pedal, just bought a Boss Synth stomp box, and a Morley Wah; I need help with pedal order!?! Also have a Digitech Stomp tuner
Super dumb question of the year to follow!


Hi @Bassist51, welcome to the forums! This question has been asked before. Check out this topic:

Or use the search function to find more information. Good luck!


If you google search for “Boss pedal order”, one of the things you’ll find is a pedal order chart.

It’s a good starting place, but it only a guide. For instance, your tuner goes first, your wah goes first, and (I believe) the synth goes first. Also if you use an octave effect in the Hotone, that goes first too.

If you only use one of these effects at a time, it’s not a big deal. If you intend to combine them, you’ll have to play with the pedal order to see what sounds good to you.

Start with Tuner > Wah > Synth > Hotone. If you end up with something doesn’t sound right, to you, start moving one thing at a time an test again.

Also, if the Hotone has an effects loop, that can give you more options with how you do the order.