Personal Billy Jean Anniversary Challenge

Hello Everyone!

Recently I have learned about a practice routine where you set the metronome 1/4 speed of a song and try to keep up with the beat that way. To get most of the challenge I tend to put the beat on 3 instead of 1 ! A real mind f**k to be honest…

Thinking of riffs that has regular notes (like all quarters or eights) for some unknown reason Billy Jean kept coming back to me!

Here is a video of my progress from tonight. Since it is all eight notes I put the beat on 2 and 4. And it is not at full speed (slower speed is a better challenge to be on the beat for me.)

Humming the riff before starting to play is a big help. I also put high hats to all other notes to practice the sensation a bit before dropping them.

Here is the super simple drum machine



That simple drum machine is the shiz! Thanks for that!

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And I love this technique. Make the music in your head before it has to happen in your hands! Always a good goal to shoot for.