Pets and your playing

Hey guys and gals, I’ve got a question for those of you who have cats or dogs (or any other pets). Do your pets react to your playing?

My dogs seem to have a take it or leave it attitude to my playing. They look to see what I’m doing and sometimes come in to lay down and other times they walk away. My cat on the other hand seems to love hearing me play. Whenever I start she runs in and goes right to my amp. Sometimes she looks at it quizzically while other times she lays down/rolls on her back right in front of it.

In reality, I’m sure it’s the vibrations coming from the amp that she likes, but I prefer to tell myself that she just likes my playing. :rofl:

So, how do your pets react while you play, if at all?


My son has a small bird named Jalepno that sings whenever he plays guitar.

His dog Margot is scared of the guitars and goes to hide. I went over and cranked up my bass amp one time and the poor dog was so scared she started drooling and hiding. We turned back down and won’t crank up like that again.

He’s been trying to get her howl along with him when he plays but she has no interest.


My cat bites my strings seems fascinated by the vibrations… Then tries to squeeze in between me and the guitar. She seems to do it when im sat on the floor hasnt done it with the new bass.


My dog Griff is always in my music room with me and could care less about what I’m doing - actually now that I think about it, that little shitbird is ALWAYS with me EVERYWHERE… Does everything with me…

Keep on Thumpin’!


@Lanny Lanny, I can see his preference in beverages!

P.S. you look much better without the beard IMO


Lucy is my biggest fan.


Like father, like son I guess @PamPurrs Pam!! :rofl: :rofl: Connie says the same thing, but now that Covid’s been around for awhile, there’s just no more reason to shave or get haircuts…!! :smiley: :smiley:

Isn’t retirement GRAND?? You can play bass any time of the day with a beverage of your choice wearing your favorite PJ’s while Lucy acts as your BASS COACH!! :rofl: :rofl: Griff on the other hand is a typical male - cares about nothing “ME” playing any of “MY” bass’s during “MY” retirement, and would rather just lift a leg and piss on 'em and call 'em “HIS” while they’re in their stand in my music room… He’s partial to my “B.E.A.D.” modified bass… Here at home I simply refer to it as my “P.E.A.D.” bass…

Keep on Thumpin’!


Yeah retirement is lovely. After 50 years of alarm clocks, airplanes, hotels, meetings, deadlines… Etc (and several years in the army) , I’m enjoying the fruits of my labor.
I sometimes go days living in my PJs, drinking beer and playing bass. Life is good, I earned it.