Phase Pedals

Is anybody into Phase pedals. They seem to be their own rabbit hole with most pedal companies having their own version of a phase pedal.

Here is an example of a Phaser on Bass. I read, the bass player is using an MXR Phase 90.
I set it to start at 2:24 so you can hear the effect a little easier.

Stranglehold by Ted Nugent


I love phasers as an effect but I don’t do it with a pedal.


my favorite pedal for bass…I have an assortment of phase shifters laying around all the time.


@Tokyo_Rat which ones have you tried?

I’ve got an MXR phase 100, an old small stone, the behringer version of the small stone, NEXT Phaser, Big Jam Bi-Phase, line 6 modulation station, and a couple of univibe style pedals. I like the NEXT phaser and the Bi-Phase, the last show I did, I used both on my pedal board. I also have a couple of zoom bass pedals that have phase shifter settings…they sound pretty good too.


I have the MXR Phase 90 “custom shop” with the script writing.
I think any of the MXRs are solid, and love what it does.


Modulation effects are more important to me than distortion, OD or fuzz. The MXR 90 seems to be the (classic) gold standard, and there are two main variants (block logo and script logo version).

I don’t own any of them, but my UAFX Astra emulates them :wink:


Great album Eric,
And I love uncle Ted’s no nonsense approach to everything and everyone :+1:
Cheers Brian


Phases are cool for bass. Got one from Jam pedals and also good ones on my multi-fx unit. Love them!


That’s a bunch of Phase pedals @Tokyo_Rat!

Can you speak on what makes you go with one over another?

@Paul My hesitation with the Jam Pedals Ripple is that it’s a two stage phaser and I’m not sure that will be enough for me. I have no doubt it’s an excellent phaser but do you ever want more out of it than it can give?

Also, isn’t it you that owns a bunch of Jam pedals?


It depends what tone you after. I always use it mixed with other pedals. I would probably prefer the MXR Phase 90 over the JAM, but the JAM pedal has Chorus/Vibrato combined so that was good enough for me (it wasn’t cheap either and I got lucky with a b-stock).

Besides I also got my multi-fx/plugins if I want different type of phasers.

Aye, the Ripply Fall, Rattler and Red Muck. They are still on my pedalboard! Rattler is probably my most favourite.


I’ll make up my mind that this song needs a phase shifter, and then based on the depth, rate, sweep, just overall sound of not just the phaser but what the other guitars sound like and thats my choice. The Big Jam has a resonance control that makes into something else. For lack of a better description, in my ear, a phase shifter sweeps one way and comes back then goes the other way and comebacks…how it makes that turn around is what really separates one phaser from another. The Big Jam’s resonance control can make the difference between a subtle turn around and turning a sharp corner if you have ever had a chance to use a mutron there are a lot of simularities. I don’t own any Jam pedals nearly everything I own is a pawn shop prize so I end up with a lot of stuff from the 70s and 80s and can’t remember ever, EVER paying more than $100 for anything.


I had an old Boss PH-2 that I converted to True bypass, it was really one of my favorite phasers.

I used it with guitar at the time, but I sold it many years ago. I’m not much an effect guy, really.


For bass, me too!

(both chorus + flanger there)

Hooky’s chorus is basically always-on too.


It’s funny, when I am screwing around with tone and sound and looking for oddball effects combos to create cool things with, the MXR Phase 90 almost always ends up on. My Super Beatle pedal has a ‘Repeat’ effect that essentially cuts the signal in and out at settable intervals. The two of these together are massively fun and create almost a percussive layer under the bass line.


Really light phase shift/delay actually has a very subtle and cool effect very similar to double-tracking; it just makes the bass sound “bigger”.


I think Phaser is the iconic sound by mr. Anthony Jackson.
Pretty rad sound.
I’ve used it on bass in the studio on some groovy country stuff that we wanted to sound like the old disco-country jams from the 70s.
I like it.


I didn’t expect this topic to take off like this. I had no idea so many people were digging Phase pedals.

It seems like people who like phasers mostly fall in one of two camps.

  1. I have an MXR Phase 90/95/100 and it does the job.
  2. I have owned 47 Phase pedals and X is my current favorite.

I mainly use the Kilohearts phaser plugin, it does exactly what I want and illustrates some of the desirable controls for pedals to have:

Order - this is the number of filter taps. A Phaser works by chaining a series of all-pass filters that each shift the phase of the signal, along with an LFO to move the peaks back and forth in the frequency spectrum. Being able to change the number of filters is something I really like to see as the effect can change a lot. Many pedals will call this something like “taps” or “stages”.

Spread - this one might be rare in pedals and what it does in the Kilohearts phaser here is a little unusual, but I love it - this adds a bit of fixed phase delay to one of the stereo channels, for a widening effect. Makes things sound big. The equivalent on mono pedals would be to have a control to add a bit of fixed phase delay to the wet signal, and then have a blend knob for similar effect. Not sure I have ever seen this.

Depth - depth of the modulation, IMO a mandatory feature. Some pedals will have a “feedback” or “resonance” knob for this effect.

Cutoff - This is basically the range the LFO sweeps through. Most pedals call this Width. A nice feature.

Rate - The LFO rate to sweep the filters. All phasers will have this.

Mix - almost all pedals of any kind are better if they have a wet/dry control :slight_smile:


This is hilarious.

I feel like this is people and gear in a nutshell.

I’m definitely, firmly, in camp 1. I have my things, I rarely get another thing. When I get it, it will be used forever.