Phil Jones big head pro

so this is a minor accomplishment, I have played through enough lessons in the B2B course, to kill the battery on my big head.
if you are wondering it made it through 26 lessons.
that is all.


I didn’t know what a Big Head Pro was, so I decided to check it out. Pretty impressive!


Yes, it is a cool piece but man was it pricey. And now I need to get a better pair of headphones.

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Yep, and gear like that demands equally impressive head phones!

I did some research on it, and it is really impressive. I wish I could get some answers on the battery. An investment like that really should provide a way to protect that investment. If the battery isn’t serviceable…that’s built in obsolescence.

I think it’s said that Phil still answers the phone himself. Or I’m thinking of another company.

Is nobody answering your emails? (They may not actually know, of course).

I doubt the battery is completely unreplaceable, but that’s just my opinion. Someone would have to open one and see how the battery is shaped/hooked up to the circuit; I did that when my OP-1 died and ended up replacing the battery by finding one that was the right enough size to fit in the same spot, and had to swap the connector from the old battery over to it.

Of course, whether a suitable battery is available if/when it needs replacing is another matter entirely.

Yeah, I suspect you are right, and it’s not beyond my expertise-- it’s just that I’m getting older and that sort of thing doesn’t give me the rush it used to. I just want to play now.

I really like that this device has full size line-in & line-outs. The old Ampllug does pretty much what I want, but I really don’t like the fact it plugs directly into my bass. I have a butt-jack, and I am always afraid I’ll just smack the thing. Then again $45 vs. $359 is quite a spread. Now, if there were something in the middle…