Phillip H Anselmo and the Illegals. LIVE STREAM

It says it all if you watch that on youtube in below in the information about the video.

Tickets are 12:50 until April 2nd, then the week of the show they go for $17.50

Lots of ticket and merch packages on sale on the website.

Maybe I will see you there. its been over 20 years since I have seen what I would have to be say my favorite performers LIVE. Much of that was because of DimeBag, but I loved Phil’s energy on stage.


Awesome! First I’ve heard of this, so thanks!! Saw Pantera for one of their last shows, Calgary 2001. Killer show!! Came home with a handful of show/throw away picks from Dime, a used pick from Rex, stiff as hell with a big X carved in it, and a pretty well splintered drum stick from Vinny Paul. Great souvenirs! We worked our way right up from on the floor and at one point, can’t remember the song now anymore, my buddy had Phil stick the mic in his face screaming the chorus. Hazy memories now. haha! Good times. Thanks for the Flashback @T_dub !!

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I think Pantera was the first non-small club concert I went to. Saw them at the Starlight Bowl in San Diego back in 1992 (yeah, I’m old) several months after Vulgar Display of Power came out.

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Really cool! Thanks for the tip T_dub! :metal: Apparently they are also coming to TivoliVredenburg (in Holland) on 31 July for the same show.

I grew up with Vulgar Display of Power. Hands down one my favourite trash/groove metal album ever.

Also Phil’s voice sounds a bit more “normal” in that video, his voice was so deep in recent footage but maybe that was after his shows. :laughing:

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Yeah, I saw them 7 times, and 4 with White Zombie for the La Sexercisto album. I never could fully get into the 2nd (or 4th really) white Zombie album, but La Sexercisto was awesome.

I would rate those 1 and 2 for my favorite Thrash / Groove metal bands and albums ever.

@Pontoon, I had Guitar and Bass Picks from Pantera and I had a Bass Picks from Sean Ysault (sp?), Green Triangles with a zombie printed on it from a show that White Zombie Headlined at the Hollywood Palladium back in early 90’s. (yeah, I am old too @mateoloco)

The best, and I know I have told the story here somewhere, was on Halloween White Zombie opening for Danzig, and I went dressed as Rob Zombie, and was getting hit up all night, obviously mistaken for him.

Oh Memories. Yeah, Vulgar Display of Power is one of the best albums ever made. It certainly was one of the best albums of its time ever recorded.

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Man, I wish I could go to that.
I am sure they will hit up Los Angeles some time, and Hopefully, I will be there.
If I know about it beforehand, I will be there for sure.
I often hear about concerts AFTER they happen these days, thats what happens when you are old .

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No, he looks like he is on the shit again, TBH.
Hard to pass that off on someone who knows. takes one to know one sort of thing.
The eyes and that certain something in the voice that you can’t really describe, but is a dead give away if you know it and hear it.
I could be wrong, I hope I am wrong, anything is possible to mis diagnose, or mis represent on a video, when not in the same room with someone, but thats what it looks like to me.

And for somebody who developed life long back pain at an early age( Phil did), there is a long and twisted life of On and Off and on again and off again in more cases than not.

It sucks. you are on it until you can’t stand being on it anymore, and then you go thru hell to get off, and you stay off until you can’t bear the pain any longer, and the cycle repeats itself.