Pick slide


Hey Josh,
Any suggestions on creating a decent pick slide? I’ve been playing some metal lately and only get a scraping sound on the strings rather than the tone of the string I am sliding on.


Pick slides aren’t my expertise, BUT I’m guessing if you throw on some distortion, all of a sudden it’ll sound right. Guitar players don’t pick slide with a clean tone.

@Gio, any more advice?


I love this question. I just tried it. I’m gunna try and link you the files here. First: The distorted one:
Now - clean tone - straight DI:

The file is the exact same performance, one of them through an amp model, the other straight DI. You can hear the difference pretty clearly. The pick slide is pretty quiet, so it helps to have the amp / distortion pedal on to boost the gain of the signal. It also tends to bring out some of those high frequencies so you can really hear that raspy slidey stuff up high.

This is gear stuff - let me know if there are any questions as to how to do it / hold the pick / where to slide, etc. That’s another issue entirely… but I really wanted to do this cool experiment! Thanks @JoshFossgreen for the heads up!


Haha, I always love hearing you play with a pick. You freaking rock and also I can just see you gleefully grinning while you do.

The clean version is kinda like listening to those funny clean guitar versions of metal songs on Youtube. Or this:


Oh my lord… it has been AGES since I’ve listened to that! I had the CD that was on - the one with all weird re-mixes… and the ONE new song… And I’ve been in a deep dive of Meshuggah lately because a student has been getting deep into them.
They still reign supreme. So unbelievably good.


Wait a second… Futile Bread Machine… Toast Machine… was Meshuggah stealing your schtick?


Ha. I’d like to say yes… but the fact that we wrote The Meshuggah song to acknowledge ripping them off is too heavy of evidence to the contrary.