Pickup configuration comparison (Jazz type basses)

This is mainly for @eric.kiser (on “request”), but perhaps also of some interest for others!?

I made a quick recording of two basses (a P/J and a J/J(M)) to give an idea of the tonal possibilities (combined with two plucking positions - towards the neck or closer to the bridge).

The bass pre-amps were flat into an equally flat amp (Bergantino B|Amp with a little bit of compression) and from there via the amp’s DI to an Audient ID4 interface and into a MacBook Pro with Garageband.

I did not adjust the levels of the different recordings, which means this reflects the different output from the different pickups, but also the fact the Sandberg had 9 month old strings, whereas the Mayones had brand new strings (and perhaps the 18V preamp of the Mayones vs. the 9V preamp of the Sandberg) And, there was also some variation from my playing.

I only use finger style here… it’s also pretty much all I am capable of providing… :grin:

The extremes are, of course, 100% neck pickup and played towards the neck on the one side, and 100% bridge pickup played close to the bridge. And the latter gives, of course, that quacky or burpy sound, @eric.kiser :wink:


Thanks Jörg! This is exactly what I needed.

The Mayones has a P/J configuration right?

That Sandberg is a really special instrument. What you can do with those pickups is really cool. The J/J versus J/M examples were just what I was looking for.

You’re right the J/J setting does sound different than a regular J/J.

I’ve listened through twice and I’m really liking that J/M set up. With your affinity for Jazz does the Sandberg get much play time? That sound seems to lend itself more towards rock or metal. Or maybe I’m just hearing what I want out of it.


You could just get a bass with the SIMs Super Quads and have a P, a J, a PJ, a JJ, a JP, a PP, an MM, an MJ, an MP, a PM, a JM or and an M…oh and a P, a J or an M only at the bridge.

They all sound different.
Once I get the darn thing back from getting the custom pickguard made I will do a video with every config, just for fun.


No, that will end up a series.
Its ok, I will still watch.

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Glad to hear that it was useful, Eric!

Yes, I should have used this also in the “movie”. But, yes, in the 100% neck position, it is in essence a P.

You are not entirely mistaken, but, for me, a Jazz foremost stands for versatility. They say the P is a one trick pony, albeit performing that trick exceedingly well, while a J is more versatile. The Mayones, with the way it is set up and the acrylic glass ramp between the pickups, is not very well versed for, e.g., harder stuff or slap/pop. That is where the Sandberg comes in - mostly to have that area also covered, even though I might not play a lot in that direction.

I like a lot about the Sandberg (playability, tonal options, …), but yes, the Mayones is my main bass :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That could be really interesting, but - given the many options - also a bit of work!


I’m getting a “Sorry - this video does not exist” message :confused: Am I the only one?

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Try again - it is some privacy setting…


Seems to be working now. Thanks!