Pickup noises (its not what you think it is <:0)

first,im not talking abt hum/clipping,nor fret buzz.Im talking like ACTUAL noise from pickup,like when i play acoustic,not plugged in,it still makes that noise.It sounds kinda like a maracas?like plastic clacking onto eachother.I tried to screw the pickup tighter,but not a lot since i dont want to mess things up. it only happens when im playing in my jazz bridge pickup
fyi,i own an ibanez tmb100


Is it coming from the string hitting the frets or pickup cover? Check your neck relief it happens sometime when the temperature and/or humidity change, the neck would bow up or down you just need to give it a proper relief.


no,its not the neck,its literally from the pickup
When i tap the pickup with my finger,just tapping it,no string,no nothing,it makes that same annoying sound


Is your pickup loose. It sounds like there’s a gap between the pickup cover and the pickup. Usually there’s a foam, tube or spring pushing the pickup firm to the cover.

That might be it. It’s best if you can upload the video that would be much faster to figure out.


“Is your pickup loose” : i mean i guessed so, i did tighten the pickup a bit, just a BIT, but its not working (yet)

“It sounds like there’s a gap between the pickup cover and the pickup” : no, i dont have a pickup cover, its just a plain jazz pickup

“It’s best if you can upload the video that would be much faster to figure out” : i will, tommorow

tysm for trying to help me, i have never seen this problem online, and i dont think this is normal bc my neck pickup doesnt have that problem.

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i cannot upload the video

@parttime-armpit-snif You can’t upload video directly to this forum. You have to upload to YouTube or the equivalent and then post the link


i cannot post links either

ht tps://youtube.com/shorts/LxE5Zc986yw?si=JIjlSDVODF7fe-f_

here, can you type it

ht tps://youtube.com/shorts/LxE5Zc986yw?si=JIjlSDVODF7f

heres the link, pls type it

Here you go

do you know why its like that?

What @Al1885 means is that the actual pickup, consisting of the poles and the coil, is loose inside the black plastic case. You might want to remove the strings (or loosen them sufficiently), unscrew the pickup and take it apart. Don’t worry, you won’t break it if you do it carefully. Chances are the foam that should be beneath the pickup and that presses it against the inside of the cover has perished. If that’s the case, it’s an easy fix.


thanks, ill try that

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heres the pickup removed, what do i do now

edit:i squeezed the cover and the pickup together, and the cover is not coming off anymore, does that mean its good?(the cover was coming off before

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Springs and foam look okay, but of course I can’t feel how they compress/rebound… But if pickup and cover now seem to fit better, I’d just screw them back in place and see how it goes.


i screwed it back and its perfect, the rattle is gone, thank you all for helping me

side question, is ibanez basses always have a bad factory set up like this? My bass’s G string nut is too low, dirty pickup and battery slot, and a super poorly set up, i couldnt even play a little bit too hard without buzz when i first got it

maybe the its the music store’s fault, but im not sure, maybe ill buy from a different brand next time


First of all, that’s awesome. Thanks to @Mike_NL who drive home the point.

To answer your questions, it’s not the brand but the price point and models. I can guarantee you that you won’t experience any of that on a Talan TMB 2000.

Companies lower their cost of production by limiting the hands on labor as each instrument has limited number of minutes the assembly person can spend and the tolerance level of the components.

I have the prestige btb and ehb1506 that play fantastic right out of the box and they are made in the same Indonesian factory just have different parameters.

Except for Gibson(that I know), most mid tier or premium lineup made in country or origin ie, USA, Japan, Germany would be pretty awesome right out of the box.


tysm, another question if you dont mind answering, i dont rlly want to make a new thread: should i upgrade my bass or buy some pedals that im rlly interested in (TL,DR in the end)

for new bass, i think a squier jazz bass cv 60’ or MM sub ray40?

and for pedals ,i think boss metal zone , boss compression sustainer and boss super chorus/ibanez mini analog flanger

fyi, i loves RATM and im trying to recreate Tim’s tone, my tmb is fine since he mainly just use his j bass bridge picup. I own a fuzz/od and zoom b1 four (i dont rlly like it’s fx, except for the amp and cab sim)

TL,DR: jazz 60’ cv/MM sub 40 or MT-2, CS-3 and CH-1 / ibanez mini analog flanger. Recreating Tim Commerford’s tone,i own fuzz/od and zoom b1 four


Well that’s a loaded question lol.

If you like Tim Cummerford’s tone then the Music Man pickup style would be better suited on your next bass. Its not so much the pickup but the location that would initially yield the predominant tone as well a the size of the magnet pole pieces which determines the speed of attack larger pole pieces have much more in your face attack than standard smaller pole pieces.

I’m not sure which one you were referring to on the sterling bass as the autocorrect change the text. There’s a cheaper ray4 or more premium Ray34.

If I’m in your position I’d look for the used Sterling SB14. It’s modeled after the more expensive Music Man Sterling. It has more aggressive tone than the stingray and its take drive pedals really well. You could probably find one in a $500-700 range. It used to be as low as $300 but after covid good luck finding that, lol.