Pinky Hate Club

Is it to much to ask for my pinky to do what I tell it to?!?!?!? :rage:

I just never thought I’d develop an intense hatred for any of my fingers, but I’ve proved myself wrong. If I knew how to punish my pinky for mis-behaving during class I would!

I know, I know, it will get better with practice… :slightly_smiling_face:


It will. Probably quite quickly as well.

I kinda naturally rest my third finger on top of the pinky to help, and sometimes also the second finger on top of the third finger.


I do that a lot too, @Mark_D :slight_smile: Seems to add a little more strength, although I have made a bit more progress with using my pinky the last month or two.

It gets better with practice and time, @JT . . . :wink:

Cheers, Joe


Same here…my ring finger naturaly wants to give lil’pinky backup when I play…lol Lil’ pinky can be a lazy rascal!


The Pinky saga continues…

Your pinky has never been asked to do anything in it’s entire life, other than just hang out with the ring finger. Now you’re demanding that it stretches out and presses onto a string on your bass all on it’s own. Can you imagine the trauma this poor little finger is going through? Give it time. Practice, practice, practice. It will take quite awhile, but suddenly you will see your pinky doing what you want it to do without the ring finger following it like a magnet. It’s amazing, but it will happen. Trust me… I went through the same thing, so have many other people in the B2B forum.


@PamPurrs - this is awesome and wonderful.
It’s almost verbatim the talk I give my pinky-struggling students.
It takes the lil’ fella a while to get out on his own.
Poor lil’ guy.