Playing with a glove (or two gloves)!?!

Oh, man, you guys are really creative :grin:

Yeah, I know this is all in good spirit… but, somewhere in there is a message for me: keep your crazy ideas a little while longer to yourself until they are a bit more than just half-baked!

And… just keep them puns and memes coming… I g’love them :rofl:


And since it’s going “viral”, I am glad I am wearing gloves…

OK, I am soon out of material :smile:


I love this group. What a fun bunch of people.

I’ll just keep working with my bass ball glove until I get it right.


I wear musicians glove on my plucking hand because I cant cut my index fingernail too short. The skin underneath the nail protrudes a bit due to an injury. This was causing a twang sound that drove me crazy.

The glove I use was purchased from Amazon. It’s very thin and in no way impedes your playing.


Thanks for the input, @SugarRay319 - I might try to keep a tab on whether people play with a glove for (let’s say) medical reasons, or whether it is actually for reaching a certain sound or improving their technique…



I played a full gig - mainstage at a festival - in thick woolen gloves. It was freezing cold, in Colorado, at a festival called Winter Wondergrass. Luckily I was playing upright bass, and only roots and fifths. Oom-pah basslines, essentially.
While the rest of the band froze their fingers off, mine were warm and cozy. My tone was a bit more dull and muffled than usual, but I wouldn’t say that anyone would have noticed but me.
Maybe the one time I was really happy that my bass duties could - literally - be played by a frozen dude wearing thick, woolen gloves.


I didn’t wanna admit it but for a while I played with studded leather fingerless gloves a la Phil Lynott. I stopped when someone called me a twat.
Never got round to Spandex strides though.