Playing Your First Gig

Well, I guess it’s time. People often ask me if I’m with the band. I suspect due to the long hair look. This time the band asked me if I wanted to be with the band. The leader of the local restaurant/bar weekend band is expanding to Wednesday nights giving less experienced players some opportunity. When the first song he named was Song For My Father I took it as a sign. I’ll also be working on some Thelonious Monk and Well You Neednt, The Creator Has A Master Plan by Leon Thomas and Ferrell Lee Sanders, All Blues, Satin Doll and The Girl From Ipanema. I’m beyond excited and determined to get all these pieces silky smooth.


Awesome, @DaveT - you got this! Nice tunes; old school, but nice :smile:


There’s a 1st time for everyone x0x0X0

I was in high school band. And we were dumbasses who, while playing dnd, decided to form a band.


“but nice”???

Damn fusion kids!


Yeah, really nice :laughing: :rofl:


Everyone whose ever played professionally or even sat in during a jam has to have that “First One” so don’t avoid it. None of us were ever ready. You’re gonna find that you’re either good enough to hang or not but in either case you’ll learn from it and where to go from there.

In my case mine was so long ago I can’t even recall where or when it was which is probably a good thing because with less than six months playing bass under my belt and zero lessons at all I’m 100% certain I wasn’t prepared but it set the stage for the hundreds more that followed.


This rules.
Please keep us posted on how this develops!
Great song list to build from there…


Ooo! I’d been interested in the tabs/music for the Girl from Ipanema, if you have them. I’ve always loved that song and am generally partial to Stan Getz.

And all the best for your debut!

I’m starting with the “official” one on Ultimate Guitar. It’s quite reasonable with the rhythm mostly following the accented vocal syllables.

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Well, it’s a samba… as long as you have the chords, you should be all set on bass :wink:
GirlFromIpanema.pdf (132.0 KB)
Note: this is the melody (in treble clef!) and the chords.

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When you are playing upright on something like this, are you very slightly sliding up into the note? The half notes sound particularly uplifting.

I was wondering if I could write a little envelope (not the funk one) style patch into the Source Audio C3 to simulate some of that upright motion.

Oh man…

Nothing comes close to an upright for just… vibes.
Yes, there’s a bit of sliding, but it’s also the vibrato and the sustain.
And just the sound of the instrument.

I’d be interested to hear what an envelope patch would do to simulate the upright!

It won’t be anywhere close, but I think this song needs some lift.

Bizarre, I’m a subscriber to Ultimate Guitar so took a look and the ‘official’ tab is in Db, but some of the other tabs (they vary) and the music from @joergkutter are in F. I guess that’s Jazz…easy enough to shift the key though!

I might have a play, I have several recordings so I might pump one through moises and see what I get.

but thanks both I shall have a play around - when I should be studying!!!

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If you have a subscription to Ultimate Guitar, it’s very easy to transpose to a different key.

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yeah that was my thought too.

Something like this:

Or this:


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Hey All! Encouraged by all the “first gigs” here! I played a couple of songs with the church worship band last Sunday. I’d rehearsed a couple of times with them and didn’t mess it up too bad. The beauty of bass is that they only notice you when you mess up. So when I got lost a couple of times- I just muted my strings and calmly figured out where to jump back in. No stagefright which helps- I do public speaking so that’s not an issue. Best advice from one of the younger singers- “just vibe with it.” I did and it was a total blast. In the regular rotation going forward. I’m a former keys player- never played bass in front of a crowd- it was very fun.


There’s a jam group that plays out by the C&O canal I sometimes check out after a ride. They all use regular AC powered amps connected to batteries and converters. If you happen to have an ebike the 48-52V batteries would be perfect for this. Apparently an average one will run your furnace for a couple of days, so ought to get you through a jam (but you may have to get home on burger-power).

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Whereabouts on the canal?