Plucking has slowed

I have been hitting scales hard the last couple weeks and have seen improvement in my fretting fingers, but now my pluckers are getting slower. I took a couple days off but my plucking feels restricted, like I’m getting stronger but not faster. I could probably do with a stretching routine. Anyone else hit this wall and work through it?


Hail @CudaRavage - I’ve had plucking hand problems.
They were usually tied to over-exertion, putting too much tension into my hands, or playing too hard.
I’ve also worked with repetitive stress injuries that have affected my plucking.

For both the above, slow practice, and lots of massage on forearms and shoulders has been effective. And no - I can’t afford to go to a professional masseuse. I have a lacrosse ball for my back and shoulders, a theracane for everywhere, and an arm-aid for my arms. Gadgets to help relieve the symptoms and tightness.

Not sure if that helps, but that’s been my experience.


Forearm massage makes sense. It does get kinda tight. I’ll take it easy for a while and see if massages help. Thank you.


Hand strengthening devices help me build muscle and endurance. Just regular little gadgets you squeeze a bunch.
I do something called the 100 second stretch. It’s a technique taught at Low End U. I could explain most of it, but you have to visually see part of the movements. It is a pre practice / performance routine.
There are many others on YT as well.

Idk if the 100 second stretch is on YT, or just for Low End U subscribers. You can do a YT search. I find it helpful, but any pre practice stretching is really helpful.

Plus like @Gio said, lots of regular self massaging of both hands, forearms, elbows, etc…