Plucking thumb stress or pain

Hello everyone! New here not sure on posting. My question is about my thumb pressure on the pickup. Recently I’ve noticed a bit of strain just behind the first knuckle on my resting thumb. I do construction so I feel it’s not necessarily the weak thumb. Am I pushing too hard on the pickup? Do I need to relax a bit? I feel if I let up, I do not get the vibrant sound. Any thoughts or ideas how to relieve this.

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If it hurts, it’s too hard. Playing bass shouldn’t be painful. You can pluck softly and get a good sound, and use the volume liberally


Thank you for that! I watch people play and the fluidness and ease of the best makes it look so easy and fun! I am having fun and do not want to be discouraged because of bad technique. I do not feel music should be difficult regardless of the instrument. I do understand fatigue and tiredness will always be a factor, but I hope to keep my practices to a 15-30 min EVERY DAY to learn and keep the muscle memory. Thanks Again for the response.

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You’re just pushing down too hard, you barely need to touch the strings to mute them. The bass needs to be amplified so if you’re not using headphones or an amp to monitor yourself then you’ll have to really hammer the strings just to be able to hear it.


Thank you for the response. I have a Bugera amp, no headphone jack, so I often play a little lower volume, (I get up early for work and get at least 15 mins in before work.5 AM). More volume less pressure on the thumb really helps. It seems I only do this on the “E” string like resting on a log with a lot of weight. Relaxing this and adding the volume is helping. I am learning to not develop bad habits. Again, thank you for the response. :sunglasses:


I feel you here, I have a tendencey to do the same thing, especially if I am learning something new or playing something faster or both. Have to consciously force myself to relax the pressure on my anchor point, whether that be pickup or string. Becoming less of an issue as I slowly improve, but old habits die hard.