Podcasts (bass/music themed)

Couldn’t find any specific topic dedicated to podcasts.

Are you listening to any interesting podcasts that you can recommend?
Obviously, I am primarily after bass-related topics, but share links if you know any good music-related one that is worth listening to.

I’ll start with two recommendations. I enjoy both of them for different reasons.

The first one is “Dunlop Bass Freq’s”. It’s basically casual interviews with less and more famous bass players. It is interesting to hear their voice and their stories. Cannot recommend it highly enough:

or directly on Jim Dunlop’s page:

The second one is “In the pocket”. This is a typical podcast where two chaps talk about bass-related topics. They discuss news, gear, and events. Usually, it is quite interesting and entertaining.



Hands down, the best podcast is Music Student 101


Nice. Will definitely check it.
Here is the link:

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My favourite would be The Gig Life Podcast and in particular episode 137 that features Adam Ventoura. Adam was the fill in bass player for Midnight Oil’s final tour following the sad passing of their bass player Bones Hillman. I found the whole interview fascinating but the audition(s) and how he went about learning 90+ songs in a short space of time were so good.


Nice. Here is the link.

I am adding links as it will be easier to find them (podcasts/episodes) later quickly :slight_smile:


rather than starting a new thread…

have been listening to “60 Songs That Explain the 90’s” and it is by far one of the best music podcasts ever. do not let the song mentioned in the title of an episode throw you - the journey the host takes you on is hilarious and insightful and a great ride regardless of the song or genre.


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I mentioned it before, and I noticed @Paul did as well: in the Dutch podcast series “Basgasten” (“Bass guests”), bassist Hidde Roorda interviews bass players about their career, their gear and their inspiration. Some of these are in English, like the recent ones with Brady Watt, Renaud Garcia Fons and Adam Ben Ezra.

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Mark Hoppus has a podcast I believe it’s called “hi my name is mark”. I don’t know if he’s still doing it. I haven’t listened to podcasts in several years.

Anyone know if Bass Freqs is coming back?

Josh Paul is SUCH a great host!

While I’m hesitant to mention them here, the SBL podcast is actually quite fun to listen to. I enjoy it far more than I do the SBL lessons and such.



Strong Songs is probably my favourite podcast of all time in any genre.

The SBL podcast is good. Ian is a joy to listen to, he’s so… exuberant about bass. And you can tell that he and Scott are really good friends, they jive really well. It’s an entertaining show, for sure.

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This was uploaded recently as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0Qe2yada_w

Questlove interviews Pino!