Pop sound Vox headphone amp

I got the Vox headphone amp and it’s been pretty good but I’ve been having some problems with the E string. Every once in a while when I play a note on the E string I get a loud POP. Also, the E string in general has a slightly fuzzy, distorted sound but the other strings sound normal. I’ve experimented with different tone and volume settings on the Vox amp but these problems still happen. Does anyone know what’s going on? Thanks for any feedback or advice!


I’ve had the same problem on occasion. For me it turned out I was overpowering/overloading my ear buds. I suspect there are others on here who can give an explanation on why this happens.


I could see it clipping on your headphones. I haven’t had issues with mine, but I have over ear Bose NC, Bose in ear nc and sennheisers that I will use depending on what I am doing…have you tried different ones to see if that is the issue?

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I’ve tried two different headphones and it happened on both of them. I use AKG K240s so I don’t think they’re the problem, but could be. I’ll try another to see. Thanks for the tip!

How high is the gain control on the vox?