Post your pedal ideas

Absolutely, it’s witchcraft!

@howard, how would one of these get in the way of the electric bass? I’m thinking, if you were playing something like Down In The Park, (BTW, my daughter and I just need to shoot the video for the FF version :wink:) would it just make the bottom end sound awfully muddy?

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AFAiCT the drone is basically just an oscillator that tracks the input, kind of like an octaver but persisting. Could probably do some cool things with it (especially things like adding a second tone a fifth apart or something, really common thing to do in synthesizers).

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I have built this kit :slight_smile: (deluxe version)


That’s right! So cool.

Hey @terb! Do you still use the Growling Krizzly?

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Hey Eric ! No, I never use it. I’m more an Ampeg guy I guess ! But, that said, I’m really happy to have this preamp available :slight_smile: