Powerbank powering pedals

I’ve been looking for a good practice solution since I started my journey.
There are obviously many solutions, but one of the issues that most of them have is the lack of ability to consume battery power.
In other words, you are always somehow limited to (and bound to) mains and power adapter.

I recently stumbled upon a powerbank with 9V output. Harley Benton makes them.
That finding sparked a thought, that maybe there are ready solutions that help using regular powerbanks with devices requiring 9V power source. And guess what, they are:


It is cheap. It takes 5 - 18 V DC input and it can power two devices (pedals) that need 9V.

Leaving that here as it was quite an interesting discovery for me.

Does anyone have any experience with this or similar solutions?

Up until last week I was using a Pedaltrain volto to power my pedals.
It’s a rechargeable battery pack that supplies 9v.
Volto 3 – Pedaltrain

I works perfectly and is super convenient.
Combined with Yamaha THR practice amp I had a completely mains free practice rig.

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Looks neat.
Very similar thing is made by Harley Benton (bit cheaper too):

or beefier and more expensive version:


That ENGL looks very small and easy to cram under a small pedalboard

I use one of these:

It has two center negative 9V/1A pedal outputs and a 5V/1A USB output, and it charges off a 5V/1A micro USB adapter. I velcro’d it beneath my Nano so it’s out of sight save the power button and LEDs. It came with two power cables, one 5-way splitter cable that is entirely too long (lol) and a polarity swapper.