Practice headphones

The headphone out on your amp’s preamp may or may not be more powerful than that on another given device, it’s hard to say. But just because it is on an amp does not mean it is designed to drive higher impedance headphones. It’s probably designed for 32 ohms, most stuff seems to be. This should be in the amp specs.

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Also - not sure I understand this. So you’re not planning to send your effected signal to the DAI?

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Stupid spell checker, and thi Ipad doesn’t handle the forum perfectly, the text window bounces all over the place, hiding what I am typing sometimes, and it’s impossible to click in the text to change things sometimes.

Anyway. The DAI is at the end of the loop. It will go to the amp when practicing, or th the iPad when recording, or playing thru Garage Band.
I will still probably headphone thru the Amp itself, rather then out of the DAI.

I did understand the headphone amp from the Amp is not the same as the whole amp, but had typed a bunch and didn’t want to have to fit that in somehow. If typing on a PC, it would be so much easier.

One thing I am not sure of, and might be what you were asking specifically is, idk if it’s best, or better, or worse to have. Y effects loop, ending with the DAI, do run to the amp from the DAI for practicing only, or if it’s better to run to the amp from the last pedal. I have no experience with this, so I was just going to play around with it and see what I like best. It’s east swap if I decide to bypass it.
If you can tell me, it is certainly better to leave the DAI in the loop to go to the amp for practice, I will just do that. It will help me when arranging the board, as I won’t have to account for the swap.
Or I will do the trial and error method, either way, I will get there :wink:

Ty for the help and info

What I do is run everything in to my DAI, and then run an out from the DAI to my headphone amp. This should work with a Line Out to a normal amp as well. That way you can hear your effects on the amp or when recording.

Another possibility is to run a line out from your amp into the DAI. The only drawback there is the amp needs to be on to record through the DAI in that case.

Another possibility is an ABY or splitter.

There’s lots of ways to do this.


I am sure possibilities are a plenty, I am really wondering, since the DAI is mostly for recording, is does it need to be in the pedal chain when not recording, just practicing out of my amp out loud, or with my headphones out of my amp.
What would be the benefit to finishing the chain with the DAI into the amp?
Doubtful, buT could there be a disadvantage, for playing / practicing thru the amp out loud? Any signal loss? CN it boost signal.
Again, Idk, cuz I am 24-36 hours away from messing with it all, so I am just raising questions that would be answerd thru trial.

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For me the benefit is it’s a simple setup.

There’s nothing wrong with doing it other ways. If your amp has a Line Out, you would have the added benefit of having your amp’s preamp to color the tone before it goes in to the DAI.

Even better would be a DI out from the amp to the DAI; that way you can break ground loops with the ground lift on the DI. I actually do this with my BDI-21; I run its DI out to my DAI in.


Yeah, My BDI-21 arrived today. I got my Zoom u-22 from Pampers last Friday. I got a Boss CT-2 today for $30. O have my Limiter / Enhancer, and a couple trial pedals, flanger and Daley / Reverb, some cheap knock off clones that rated high on YT, and had sound I liked. I already ordered and returned 3 pedals. Just been testing all sorts of things. Been testing actual pedals to the Zoom models. Some zooms are pretty good alone. I find pedal to pedal to just sound better then the simulation of two or more patches in he Zoom.
I do find the Zoom in the chain, for a single effect to be quite good. The octaves are pretty good, the different reverbs, and of course the amp and cab models are pretty good, but I imagine the BDI is good for that too,

So, I am not sure now the best way to incorporate the amp in the mix. It will be important for me to figure out a good set up for recording, but for practicing it might be easier to run just into the amp input from the BDI-21, possibly the Zoom u-22.
I have effects loop on my bigger amp, or the GK head ! So for recording I may want to run my pedals thru the loop, and the amp into the BDI-21 or the Zoom. I really just have to play with it.
I am sure to ask you loads of questions once my pedalboard gets here today and I start playing with the BDI-21 and Zoom u-22.

Man, the time is slipping by quick.
I meant to do some homework tonight, and I am getting lost in the forum, always such good discussion here.
I has my first online bass lesson tonight, no, last night now, with Josh, and I was given homework. Granted, I have 2 weeks til the next lesson, so there is time, but I was hoping to get started tonight, no this morning rather.

Oh well, I will do some excercises, and talk some more, just as long as I do an excercises in between posts

Another option for you would be to run the Line Out from the BDI-21 to the amp and the DI Out from the BDI-21 to the DAI. That should work. Just make the BDI-21 the last thing in your effects chain.


I think that’s what I left out. I kept saying the either the Zoom, or the end of the chain. I forgot to say the end of the chain was a DI, that probably would have cleared things up. Yeah, I think I will do exactly that, then I can play straight from the amp, or use headphones on the amp, and when I want to record, do I want to headphone from the Zoom.
No, actually I will headphone from the IPad so. Get the signal ran thru the amp mods and stuff.
I can Bluetooth that.
Will be fun playing with it.

Can’t spend all my time on it, got those homework assignments to be working on to.


Wow, sounds like you guys went into setup a lot more than just headphones!

So, I didn’t get to follow every message back and forth, but here’s what I do/think.

Most consumer electronics will power lots of different headphones/resistance/impedance… probably to 100 ohm, maybe higher. I think 16 and 32, and 64 Ohms are really common. Some of the super badass studio headphones have much higher resistance( ohms) and need their own power amp to get the benefit of better sound. It’s just part of the design. I think you can get great sound out of sub 100 ohm impedance. The more important question to me, is at what price? I think I spent $70 or $79 on my newest headphones.

I’m loving these AKG K182s. They are 32 ohm. They’ve been good on my interface, Mac, and PC laptop.

Last night I was practicing less than 15 feet from the stereo that was streaming Dinner and a Movie/Phish— my girlfriend was watching intently, and I was just checking in randomly. Yeah, I heard a little bleed in, but not while actually playing bass.

So, my setup is like this, and I use it for headphone practice or loud playing.
Bass plugged into amp.
Effects plugged into amp via send/return loop.
Vocal/chat mike plugged into channel 1 on interface via Xlr.
Amp line out plugged into channel 2 on interface via Xlr.
Tascam CD 200bt/Bluetooth plugged into interface channel 3 and 4 via RCA to 1/4”. ( I can play discs, or send signal vial Bluetooth). And from the headphone port on the CD player I have a custom stereo 1/8” headphone cable into an instrument cable/mono tip plugged into a small 35 watt amp. (I learned how to make this on YouTube and soldered it up myself with a 1k resistor and both channels.)
Headphones plugged into interface at headphones port.

I know this sounds like a lot, but it’s really pretty simple. The only part I really don’t plug in are studio monitors to hear vocals when my headphones aren’t on. I try not to sing really.

Not sure if this info really helps, but there you go…


Yeah, you lost me at “Vocal / chat mic” :joy:

No… I understood. It for the most part, that’s just where my equipment ends. For now at least. But I don’t even have aPC or Laptop atm, I am strictly Ipad. That may or may not change, depending if it gets me where I want to go or not. Won’t know til I get the rest of my stuff that’s on order, by the end of this week, and start playing around.

Thanks for the info

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Yeah, sorry. I have a vocal mic on a stand set up for JamKazam mostly. Online jamming.


No worries, like I said, I knew what you meant, just don’t have anything like it to work with👍🏻


@Mark_UK What do you think of the KZ ZS10 Pro IEM’s?


Hi @eric.kiser. Given the little I had to pay for them, they are not bad for the money. Certainly for an hour’s practice session and using them to avoid having an amp on, they would be fine. I think I’d find them tiring for extended listening to music if I was just sitting and listening on Tidal say.
It’s a shame they didn’t seem to play nice with my Fender Rumble LT25 amp. Not sure what’s behind that.


I"ve had the K240s for probably a year and a half, and they have been great. Love the long cord and the quality of sound has been perfect for the money.
No issues at all of distortion or noise like you describe. I would think perhaps you maybe got a faulty product?