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Hi guys. Brand new to the bass and really enjoying learning. I’m wondering how you all get the most out of your practice sessions. How long do you practice for? How long you spend on stretches and finger exercises. Any advice gratefully received as I really want to get my technique down from the get go and not learn in too many mistakes. Thanks all.


Hi @AndyD and welcome to the forum
Have you done or are you doing the B2B bass course?
I am also looking for info on structured practice regimes
My idea is to do a 50/50 split of hard work and fun stuff
The hard work will be things like scales, finger exercises sight reading etc and the fun part will be playing covers and general improvising etc
I am trying to split the hard work up into short chunks and set a time on my phone
At the moment I am doing five minutes every day on building fluidity when playing major scales. Once I am happy with major scales I will do major scales on a monday and minor scales for the rest of the week. Then major monday, minor tuesday, major pentatonic rest of the week until I am doing a different scale for each day of the week.
I will just keep adding in stuff in 5 or 10 minute chunks until I have 30 minutes of work and 30 minutes of fun a day.
Anything extra will be just more fun
5 minutes on scales does not sound like much but it is 5 minutes more than I was doing and is 35 minutes a week


I’m curious too. I like to think of practice like the gym, cardio (drills, grooving), and lifting (technical, hard stuff).

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I try and do a little bit every day… even if it is 10 mins it helps. I listen to a few videos about theory and try out the suggestions. Even if I can’t get the technique right it is in my head so I am making a little progress.

For me it is a journey to be enjoyed… not sure where it is taking me…

I also try and play different types of music on the bass rather than learn a song by rote… exploring stuff.

The Blues is great because there is a pattern that you can learn and then explore. I now love listening to Blues too.

Take care. All the best from the UK


Thank you sir! I’ll read these!

Ken T.

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I’m with you brother!

Ken Thompson

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Thanks for the comments guys. Some really helpful points. I’m using Fender Play at the moment as I had it for regular guitar but I think Josh’s lessons look a bit better on the bass front so I’ll probably switch when my fender play runs out.