Practice Stool

So I was looking for a stool this one this one does it for me.

ICON Work Stool

Man, that is one short stool. It can work, but probably not as conveniently as a bar stool, dining room chair, or task chair (office chair without arms).


That’s like a mechanics chair, I wouldn’t use that for playing an instrument. Get a drum throne instead. Much more comfortable and they have a back

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This basic guitar stool has been an excellent investment IMHO

I bought a used (like new) drum stool for 10€ a few years ago, it’s a good choice in my opinion. Stable, comfy and you can set the height. Also it looks good and it’s foldable.


Haha…stop by your local thrift store and pick up an armless chair with a back for $10 instead of spending 5x or 10x that much on a less comfortable backless stool. Buy two like I did so you have another when a friend stops by to jam.


Or go Joe Dart and do this

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I was actually look at this just 20 min ago on Amazon.

Yes… it’s a chair… but those retractable arm rests might do the trick for it to become a stool with back support.

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I find any chair with a back tends to obstruct my fretting arm’s elbow unless I perch forward on it. But for a stool I bought one of the below a year ago but for only around £40 not £60 and it’s great though despite the issues I do prefer a backed chair when I’m doing my lessons!

I second this drum stool.

Inexpensive and is honestly perfect for the job.