Practice While Listening To Tabs

have been exploring songs via Tabs app by Ultimate Guitar.
Looking for an inexpensive easy way to listen to myself practice and also at the same time listen to the song I’m trying to learn on Tabs app by Ultimate Guitar. Both coming out of my practice amp.

Anyone know of an easy way to listen to my self play and listen to Tabs app out of the same amp? I’ve tried iRig HD X but not having any luck. Thanks! Tim


Welcome to the forum. Are you using an iPad/iPhone or have you got the iRig connected to a PC? Either should work - I used to regularly use my iRig HD 2 with my laptop. I’ll see what happens with my iPad.

Actually, my setup doesn’t use my amp, I’m using plugins on my laptop. Does your amp have an aux in port?

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Hi @tmeske, welcome to the forums! Does your amp have an AUX input? Because then you can plug your phone or tablet into that using an audio cable. You could also look into something like the Zoom B1 Four (or a similar unit) to achieve this. Plus it has a drum machine, a looper and tons of effects to play with!

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One option is using a scarlett solo. It will take the output from the computer, as well as the output of the instrument, and send it all to your amp. Either way, as others mentioned your amp and/or a pedal likely already has an aux in.

I also just tried with my iPad and iRig HD 2 - I used Amplitube that came with the iRig for my guitar sound and could also have Spotify or Guitar Pro going in the background. I also tried Songsterr but that cut the sound as soon as it wasn’t the App on top (that could be as I have the free version).

Not sure if there is a way to get Amplitube to work in the background.

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My amp does not have an auxiliary input. I am using an iPhone. I will try some of these ideas, including a looper pedal. Seems that this is a much simpler approach, and I can return the iRig.
Thanks for the help!

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Someone else mentioned the Zoom B1four.

I also have one of these. I just plug the bass into the B1four, plug the iPhone into the aux socket on the back, then listen to both using a pair of headphones. No amp needed, much to my family’s delight!

The Zoom pedal is fairly cheap new, and can be crazy cheap second hand.

I feel like a f#cking sales person, as I mention it in almost every post, but: this is possible with Tonelib Jam.

I use it to play the original track with tabs that are syncronised and listen to my own playing.

I have a MOTU M4 but it also works with a Presonus USB or iRig HD - so the HD X should also work.

You can modify EQ for the audio track (ie to remove bass) and add built-in effects or external VST (I use BIAS FX, TH-U and Amplitube) to the live guitar sound.

You can test it for free (PC or Mac)…

Here you can see different modes for playing: