Practicing easy songs while going through B2B course / Tabs

figured I would just ask and see if there are others like me who in between lessons find a song to practice on. and if so - why don’t you drop the song / tab in this topic for others to see and or try.

I don’t know if learning songs like this good or bad in terms of making bad habits without going through the full course but figured i would share…

On Saturday night I did the Smashmouth lesson which is in module 8, and I did what josh said which was if you feel comfortable - go out and find a tab for the song and try to learn the chorus part as well. Well I found a decent sounding one, and I practiced that until last night. I can confidently say that i can pretty much play All-Star By smashmouth from begining to end - maybe with a mistake or two :slight_smile:

tab for smashmouth / playalong

So even before I begin my next lesson I searched around and found another easy song for me try and learn, and here I am learning Story of my Life by Social Distortion - its a chugging song for sure! even though almost all the videos i see people using picks --i think it can be done with fingering technique -don’t have it down 100% yet my hands go mumbo jumbo sometimes going from the A string to the E ( A421-e4).
tab for : social distortion

anyhow - figured i would share!


Nice! Just FYI: All Star by Smash Mouth is part of the 50 First Songs pack, which includes the tabs.

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oh thats great! yeah I havent looked at the 50 first song pack yet. I thought I would look at that after finishing the coursework. Maybe I should take a peek now :slight_smile:


I think it’s good to play laterally as you move upward. Meaning if you have a trajectory defined by the coursework, That’s one straight line-and this is bassbuzz, so that is a terrific line… But working outward from that is really helpful.
The lessons here are meant to be aggregate- small chunks leading to a really solid foundation-and it works, it really does.

But ain’t it cool to try something and hit it clean?

Ones reach should always exceed one’s grasp.


I played easy songs all through the course, and some that were tough (at least some parts). It is an excellent thing to do. Just don’t try anything too hard and get hung up on it. Constantine Has hindered a of excellent tabs with videos to go with them on YouTube.

@John_E yeah i have seen that guys videos for sure. Hes a good bass player!

Another good option to learning to read music @WillieD ,Is to transcribe the tabs to music.
As mentioned by John @John_E, Con’s stuff is 99% good.
I have covered plenty of the songs he has listed on his website, here are a couple

U2-Angel Of Harlem - SD on Vimeo
Cheers Brian

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Yep, B2B is a fantastic foundation, but going off the reservation is totally legit. It’s a big world out there worthy of exploring. Just maintain proper technique in whatever you do, and all’s fair game.